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Your Average Job...


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What would you say your average job is?


Are half your jobs 3 bedroom houses? Or do you have a lot of store cronts you do each week that you rely most on?


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I don't tend to get involved with retail myself but most want them doing once a week also inside work too. Therfore if you had enough retail work would generatate a more steady weekly turnover if that's what you where thinking?

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I know of ppl that just focused on retail & commercial work over the years that have done very well for themselves.


With any downturn as is very cutthroat these days some now are turning to more domestic work too so to help boost their turnover.

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My average job nowadays is full exterior deep cleaning of residential properties. Depending on what needs to be done and size of the property including jet washing drives etc can take between half a day to 3 days or longer to do.

Window cleaning is really my second job but mostly I do semi's and detached houses

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I was just wondering the average job of windys.

I have no idea what my average job is, and am wondering what avenue to push for. I mean. How much is a regular 3 bed semi or average shop front? I'm wanting to boost my work but am wondering by what avenue.

All just thoughts in my head.


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For residential wfp work I idealy I like jobs with easy access as I don't go clambering over walls or fences etc at my age nor like having to go through ppls house/garage to get to the back as they need to be home which is all hassle.


I also have fronts only (terraced properties) on my books which are quck and easy to do.


Again pricing is down to you but being able to offer addon services can boost your turnover too.

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So just wondering folks how much would you charge to wfp this box standard type of detached property every 4 weeks?




Can't see by the pic but also has 5 windows, patio door & back door at the back no side windows, extention or conservatory.

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Anything between £15-£25 seems the going monthly rate for that type of property around here.


I love newish estates like that as bigger 2-3 storey town houses are built so close together. ching ching :Image13:


Also are a lot less hassle too for setting up as as most have very little frontage so no need to be dragging long lengths of hose up large front gardens as you do on older semi's & detached properties when you can't park on driveways. :Image9:

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