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Pump Controller Or Pump Problem?


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Just wondered if any one had any advice on my issue....... Wednesday was on my last house and pump stopped working, digital controller showing 'PS' on the screen meaning pressure I take it, thought I would look when I got back and worked fine when I got home. Thursday worked fine then today on my 5th house did exactly the same thing!!

I am using a variflo digital controller with 100psi shurflo pump, I have tried adjusting everything, calibration, flow rate, screw on top of pump pressure switch I even bypassed the pressure switch on the pump as have heard theses can cause problems and no luck, pump was still dead and showing PS on the controller. I have just been out to van now to try it and works fine again!!

Can the pump or controller overheat in this hot weather? Or can anyone give me an idea as to what they think is on its way out?



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happened to me a few times, ive got 7 or 8 old pumps what i ant got a cluer if they r scrap or can be salvaged by something simple. i bypassed the controller too . pump kept stoppin n i had to keep tappin a connector what goes into pump to get it goin again, but i eventually got bored of walkin back n forward every 15 mins so i just bought another pump and threw old en in shed. im still non the wiser what happened.

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There is a thread on another forum regarding this:


Ian Sheppard from Spring posted this on the 17th July;


Yesterday in the South saw temperature of 32 plus centigrade. Electronics struggle with high temperatures as it effects the processor and drive stages.

The controls are designed to operate in a temperature range between -5C and 40C on the PCB and pump drive stage


In direct sunlight in a metal box the temperature is going to exceed this by some margin. What you saw was the pump drive stage overheating and shutting down in these extreme temperatures. Once it had cooled down again it continued working.


Also be aware that these High temperatures will affect the pump in a similar way and could melt cables so its worth keeping these out of direct sunlight as well.


Temps are down a bit today so there should be less of an effect.


The advice given to people in hot extreme climates would be.


Keep the control out of direct sunlight and perhaps crack open the windows a little to get air moving around in the van.

I would advise against drilling holes in the bottom of the enclosure as this may expose the PCB to water vapor damage.

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If the pump is still dead without the controller attached to it, then I would suspect a faulty pump motor rather than a controller.


But I would also check for faulty connections, especially at the fuse holder.


Less likely are blockages in the hose - check the hose on the hose reel its properly layered and there isn't a kink which is restricting water flow. Another hot spot is Hoselok stop fittings, especially at the van port and at the di vessel. They sometimes aren't activated when a male connector is inserted.

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Thanks spruce... I am thinking it could be overheating but think I'll try the connections before I order a new one. Can't win can we..... Pumps freeze up in winter and overheat in the summer!!!

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