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Diy Wfp For Sale On Ebay Aimed At Home Owners!


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Let them get on with it. If the householder is inclined to clean with that equipment it won't be long before they give up.

It's just like all people who don't actually understand how to use the equipment properly give wfp a bad name. It's the same as ionics they have a di caddy.

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Quick lets all of load our gear on ebay and get new jobs .


It's all doom and gloom now guys .


lol i would not worry about it that video was made last year! they are having to resort to ebay as they did not sell!
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if brodex are that desperate to sell directly to the public then thats says it all , they have absolutely no loyalty to the window cleaners that i thought would of been their bread and butter , with saying that theres no way i buy anything off them

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ive had a few people off da street come up 2 me an say i am guny buy 1 of them thay ask how mch i say £2000 4 da set up the look on there face is qualty moste say can i have ur card lol so dont werry about it people we r safe lol :Image13:

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Think I must start selling them to cash in before I'm put out of business :Image13:

This made me chuckle from the faq page


Q: My Pod did not last very long can you tell me why?

A: Yes, it is most likely that you forgot the instructions to clean the dirty area or windows with normal tap water first and then to use the Pod water to rinse leaving a crystal clear finish and conserving the life of the Pod.

Other reasons are: if you left the pod running when not in use and if you have turned your water pressure up to high, the Pod does not require high pressure levels to do its job


Q: How do I know when the Pod has stopped purifying?

A: There is a rough guide to the Pod life on the Guide section of this website.

You will notice that the residue and spotting has returned after the area cleaned has dried or you may have purchased one of our water purity test meters either way you now need to replace the Pod.


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Trouble with advertising products like that it misleads the general public in thinking it will save them money if they buy that type of kit to do it themselves. Those disposable resin canisters especially used in hard water areas the small amount of resin inside it will be exhausted very quickly. It will actually cost ppl more to wash their own windows than getting a window cleaner in to do the job for them properly.


Here is an example of cost using a polepod in a hard water area like mine.


Note: assuming the pod holds 2 litres of resin at a cost of £40 to replace the disposable pod for the sake of working out using the gardiner resin cal would = 500 per 25 litre bag or resin.


Then assuming their tap water is 250 ppm and they use just 100 litres water per month to clean their windows, conservatory and maybe wash their car with it.


This is how much in real money it could cost and if the pod only holds 1 litre of resin then you could double that monthly cost :Image16:







Most ppl are far too busy to clean their windows regularly but I’m sure a few will buy then realise the ongoing cost and hassle it is to get good results so will stop using it.



What do you think?

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