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Feeling Abit Pee`ed Off This Week


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don't often get ripped off by customers not pay,


ive had same customers many years and never needed to collect,


had same round and not been bothered about extra work


then about 6 months ago sold one of my rounds as it was 30 miles from my home,


now been looking for work in my own town of Middlesbrough, well what a pain in the **** getting good customers are,


im now having to collect my new work and I hate it, ive been ripped off 3 times this year buy people not paying, saying can you come back Friday,


you go back Friday and they say sorry can you come back Tuesday and so on and so on until u give up as its cost u more in time and fuel,


someone gunna get a punch one day as im getting sick of picking up **** new customers,


rant over

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Out today came across a house I just decided to drop cus I couldnt get them in to get payed Went to next house custy comes out of my dropped house says sorry I owe u money really happy with windows insisted she owed 3 cleans I thought 2 payed up and patted me on the back. Ive either been played or I am the dogs danglers.Probably the first :Image13: The custys arent all bad :Image10: I think :Image15:

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i know how you feel all my customers are brilliant payers just bought another £750 worth of work 3 month ago and its a right nightmare already dropped close to £100 of it due to **** payers and people not unlocking gates after txting them, but some of them are slowly coming round, i put what days i collect on the card i post threw when there not in and tell them to call or txt if they wont be in or have money, once you explain how frustrating it is to have to keep popping back and how much its costs in fuel they soon realise and start keeping you in the picture, the ones that dont get dropped they just arnt worth the hassle

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if i have to go to same house two or three times ! your right xxxx right off £7 for house you have lost it in time and fuel

dropped loads of work thro bad payers

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I very rarely collect now. I get customer to post cheque, or because of hight cost of postage, I now try to get customers to transfer money via internet. Wont work on older people who cant change, but lots of people now have internet banking, and its generally more convenient to to them. Nooooooo more time wasted collecting.

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Yes ive started encouraging customers to pay by bacs and some do. Others still send cheques.


Theses customers im on about just dont want to pay unless they have too.


They do get dropt straight away but I end up lossing 1 clean.......


Now im pricing new jobs that call me from Middlesbrough over what I would normally chargejust cause I dont want the hassel of all this for £6.50...........


Im now saying £10. Min.

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all going well at moment getting most of my money through da , also just been trying out any new work i, m charging extra for first clean

mainly got plenty work and no longer having to look for it

what i,m not getting collected leaving note on my cards to leave money outside , working well at moment

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