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Working In The Wrong Area!


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Bumped into a window cleaner the other evening at the petrol station.


He popped over to ask about the guttervac in the back of my van, as he was looking into getting some for his firm. Asked whereabouts he worked - answer was "London, mostly Chelsea, Kensington etc". Asked him what kind of houses, prices he charged etc. Basic answer was "£4 a window, plus £2 extra if they want the frames/sills doing. French doors & larger windows £6+"!!


He then got back into his Porsche & drove off.


So where I would charge £12 for a bog-standard 3 bed semi where I am, he gets £50+.


Might have to move.

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He'd probably only need to do a few a day.


I used to work in Kensington about 10 years ago, and most houses are 3 or 4 storey georgian style houses. If he's charging £6 for a bog standard window, he's probably getting £10 a window for georgian style ones! Average, say 15 windows to a house = big payday.


And if he's working in the really posh area (houses upto £30m each), he could probably charge double.


Guess thats why he was in a porsche, and I was in an escort van!

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blady hell that is some cash he is taking i sapose if ur minted than paying £80 or even £200 4 ur windows to b clean is nuffen when u live in a £30m house time to move lol . :Image16:

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Guest Catherine

My brother used to live in South Kensington,parking issues a nightmare, so I reckon maybe he can, traffic congestion, travelling time and the congestion charges, suppose its all relevant......

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He's ripping um off....it really is that simple. You know, I could earn alot more money selling drugs rather than window cleaning, if I so desired, but I'm straight honest and have morals.

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If thats what he's getting, fair play to him. Customers can always say no.


If I charged those prices where I am, I'd have no customers at all - but exclusive London areas, home to HNW customers - I'd charge what I could get away with!

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£100 is about average but the prices in London are high because the work is really difficult, three storey terraced town houses, and you have to pay somebody to stay with the van and keep moving it. Also, very inaccessable windows with balconies, deep sash windows and you can't get round the back. Nightmare jobs in many ways

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I used to work in London a few years ago.


By the time I had allowed for parking and fuel it had cost me £50

Before I even started work. More money but more expense :(

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