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Hi everybody my names Jon and im new to the forums. Ive been having a good read over the last week or so as i am looking to start a wfp based business in the north lancashire area but have no experience with wfp systems. i have debated buying a 2nd hand van with the equipment included but im also costing up a new system. I do not have loads of money and im not sure which system to go with at the moment. The pure freedom trolley systems have caught my eye but i feel a proper van based system would be better in the long run.

I live in terraced housing so if i had a van based system i wouldnt have a garage or off road parking where i could safely connect up the vans water tank to the mains at night and let the water run through the RO and DI systems to create the pure water needed. Presumably i would need to have a large water tank maybe in my back yard which would have the RO/DI systems and then i could bilge pump the water into the vans main tank each morning. Then im guessing all i would need in the van is the main water tank, pump, hose, battery and poles.

Does this sound about right to you guys? Thanks for reading.


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i would get a back pack to start with 10 25l drums c how u get on with it, u nead to test ur water tds u probly need ro up ur way .when u have a nouth money get a van system there r some good deals about on vans with systems redy to go on e.bay maby wrth a look

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As tench said just hse a backpack first .


Ive been going a year now and only just got my first van on the road was using a 3 series estate for the 1st 12 month

Was a bit tedious at times working from a car but its a means to an end .

Id wait until you built a round until you start splashing out on equipment that you won't need yet as you may not even like window cleaning for a start .

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thanks for the replies guys and cheers Tench ive been keeping an eye on one or two on ebay. For those of you who have a water tank outside how do you cope with cold conditions? Does insulating the tank suffice or do you need to install a heater? whichever option i go for this will be a problem il have to deal with when winter rolls round.

Thanks again for your time everyone

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no prob m8 the cold is a nte mare lol im lucky as i live in devon an it dont get realy cold here i use trad with car screen wash when everythink froze up the good thing about back pack is it goes well with a tank so its a good investment good luck its 1 big lurning curve m8

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All good advise. Don't run before you can walk. I spent 2-3 years getting round how I wanted it before I started getting decent stuff. A lot of DIY to start with ESP on wfp stuff.

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im lucky to have a garage which houses my 1000 litre ipc tank, but i know of others that use sheds ,if ya can do that then good idea to insulate it maybe install a heater that kicks in if ya drop to say ten degrees for example

i use a bilge pump to pump thro to my van tank ,iv even gone to length of dry wall slabbing in my van to insulate that, as well as designin a tank heater which in turn keeps pumps pipes and hoses nice and warm while out in cold days

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Thanks Razor i think a shed or possably a smaller home made custom 'mini shed' might be the way to go. Could always use some kind of pond heater set to go on if it gets to cold like you say. That way the ro and di units would be fully enclosed and protected from the elements. Thanks for your advice mate.


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