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£6......any House!


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I've been getting a fair few enquires off of Facebook selling sites, this morning up pops another window cleaner...never seen his company name before locally, but he states on his advert he has 5 years experience.

He posts a picture of his flyer...£6 any house, + £3 for a conny.

He got loads of messages many from people wanting quotes from me. It got my back up and I asked how can he earn a living doing this? He responded by saying all cleaners round our way try and earn £50/70 ph and he knew old people and young families cannot afford this....he aims to earn £20/25 per hour ( same as me ) he needs to do 4x houses with no travelling to achieve this per hour. I take pride in my work and a first clean would take me a fair time, I also have a young family so I know how hard it is.


It got me mad that he painted all professional cleaners as people on the make....and he was the Robin Hood of window cleaners.

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Your going to get cowboys like this in any trade really mate, he can afford to do it at them prices because he's probably on benefits aswell so that will be why he can afford to do it so cheap, cheaper isn't always better and most people no that.

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I came across a cleaner once who was not only doing it dirt cheap, but all new clients got the first one free, he soon folded. Keep your chin up and concentrate on improving your own situation by working smart.

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whizz your right had same thing lost work to new start under cut me

next minute thats it he has finished got all my customers back


I hope you upped them all, treachery like that needs to be punished.
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Put it this way if I was messed about and lost so say customers like that no way would I take them back Reason being people like that will only do the same thing the next time someone offers them a cheaper price :Image3:

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he got away Scot free ! well, there is hope ! As a newbie I wouldn't try to pinch anyone customers or undercut them but I m a bit worried some window cleaners might get the hump if I happen by mistake not to charge the right price or canvass oh their patch.

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We have taken one customer back about 3 times.


Various reasons. Went to a trad cleaner, got a cheaper quote etc etc.


It's just cleaning windows. Pride doesn't come in to it. I charged accordingly on the first clean each time and each time the price stayed the same. Not fussed. It's money at the end of the day

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