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I Have A Topic On Job Pricing Worth A Debate


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So then, I go generally on the premise of what I want to earn per hour or what I think I'd like for how harx the job is and I always take into account my expenses (my paper invoices cost 18p each for starts haha).

But a new take on pricing has come to mind.


There is a job I want that is a fairly big job.

Now I'd like to be charging a lot for it but I have a fairly good idea of what is being charged and it would mean I'd be nowhere near the current price.

Now what sprung to mind was the costs.

Usually I base my hourly rates and expenses.

BUT if I have a job that takes 2-3 hours easy should I re-evaluate my pricing.

I won't have the same expenses each hour I'm there so to make the same profit I won't need to charge as much.


Its job in an area I'm in very often and as said, I'll be there a number of hours so should I drop my price slightly thanks to its convenience.



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Had the same situation with an estate agent. Kept giving me big jobs and they were expecting the rates to drop. Told em to stick it and asked for my certs of insurance back.


With your situation yeah drop price but not by loads. This game doesn't really have massive overheads.

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No but for me my round ranges 32miles from one end to the other on a weekly basis and my fuel costs suck, along with insurances, equipment etc I can be paying £500 a month on expenses...


I've decided I'll go for the job but only if they get it done more often as it's currently done every 12weeks.

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£500 is nothing compared to the earning.


Decent WFP guy can do £200/£300 a day.


I know you are starting out again, but we cover the three counties. So I know about costs ;)


My partner runs a hairdresser. Now that has overheads.

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looking forward to earning £300 a day canny wait when i go W F P

Mason 32 miles are not bad you will chop away at that in the future thats what i done mine is now down to 20 miles tops

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All about the round and pricing.


Need to ideally average £35 an hour.


3 bed semi £12 20 mins x3 an hour £36 an hour.


I know some guys who achieve £45 an hour most days.


Look at the equipment and vans. You soon realise who are BS.


If you see an r reg van with fibreglass poles and they are claiming £50 an hour. Pretty much BS.


Decent van, decent poles decent hourly rate ;)


Anyways don't need to tell you guys. You know the score.

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I know you are starting out again, but we cover the three counties. So I know about costs ;)


As you stated, I'm starting out again, so if I cover hundred of miles in a week yet don't earn the same as you, having such costs can be a bind until you reach a certain level when they cover themselves easily.

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It's a long story but basically I lost/got rid of a few customers during my time off from the op, the business needs to go a certain way and I'm starting out fresh with everything, business name change, new equipment, new website, opening new services and advertising them properly (solar cleaning and gutter cleaning) and am soaking in all knowledge from some of the bigger hitters on this site to bolster my business.

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