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Paypal Here Is Finally Here


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Been waiting ages for this to be released and just got an email saying its now available finally , certainly gonna save lots of repeat trips to customers who haven't got any cash on them.



For anyone who hasn't heard about it it's a mobile card reader so you can now take debit and credit card payments from people





Getting mine ordered ASAP

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I've heard some bad things about iZettle (I think its that one anyway), either way I'm still gonna go with the paypal one as I've been using paypal for years and always had good service from them, lots of people have heard of paypal too so I think customers are more likely to trust it.

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i would b werried about custmers not trustin any type of card reader just my thault tho, my custmers send cheque if i miss them most leave money or cheque in garden hidden some where safe

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paypal are going to make a mint off this they will then charge you to take your own cash out or impose a limit, just to be extra awkward!


get your customers to do an online transfer or cash, you still pay a bank handling fee on cheques

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Charge your customers a 3% charge to pay by card it will only be about 30p on most of my transactions, but obviously use your head if you're doing a £3-400 job then dont use the cars reader its worth the return trips or cheques etc on sums that large, but if like me your average payment is around £12 then its worthwhile and the customers who wish to pay by card really won't mind as it saves them the hassle of having to get you the cash,

no paypal won't charge you to withdraw, there are other card readers about but most are charging around the same fee even if their readers are cheaper, but most of them have got a min of 3 days (some are up to 30 days) before you actually receive the money where as the paypal one is instant and for that reason it's the one I'm gonna go for.

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Actually no I go back on all I've said, I've just received an email telling me I will have a rolling reserve on my account meaning all payments I receive will be held for 30 days , I can't have that so I'm gonna ring O2 to find out if that's the case on theirs and if not then paypal can stick their card reader

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Arrrgh I bleeding give up, I got an iPhone purely because I was waiting for paypal here (which said it was coming out for iPhone 1st) but has actually been released on iPhone and android simultaneously, now with the holding money thing I've decided to go for the O2 one but now I've read it's not available for iPhone yet just android or blackberry, dagnamit

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