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I had a phone call today from the New Look shop in our local town to come in and give them a quote tomorrow. now as this my first commercial call I thought id ask you guys first. do you charge more for commercials because they can probably afford it, or quote lower on the basis that they will get quotes from a few windys and pick the lowest?


they want it done fortnightly, its a pretty small shop, two windows at the front measuring 2 x 1.5m each max. and a double door inbetween the windows. im thinking about 12 to 15 quid fortnightly? or am I way off the mark for that?




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ok so looks like Im way off the mark then!! haha. good job I asked first, because ive only been doing this for a couple of weeks im still finding pricing difficult, although its getting easier on residential.

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so im looking at 5-8 quid then. for me its more about getting the job rather than getting a massive price, because im pretty sure the last windy to do this store did the whole street of shops, so could lead onto other jobs if I get it.

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ive hurd the shop prices in torquay r like £3 a pice 4 small £5 4 big ones comp is fearse guys under cuttin an all sorts nte mare there is about 8 window cleaners there fitein over shops

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I noticed you posted this in the wfp section - Most will not want their shop windows left wet I would have thought.


Shop fronts are trad regular easy money if you have loads on your books. However like mentioned already that one op posted is only worth about £6. So you need quite a few to make it worth your while but you will proberbly find out most shops around it already have a window cleaner. Plus not forgetting the hassle of parking can be a nightmare so that's one reason why I have never bothered with shop fronts myself.

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As smurf said, you want to be doing this with trad not wfp.


Some clown will trip over your wfp set up, make sure you have a sign out to ommit the where theres blame theres claim culture we have today

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They want a few quotes?

It's £8 lol.

This is why I won't do shop fronts, waste of time and effort unless you have loads and loads.

They have called most the windys in town for quotes apparently. I said fair enough but im not going below 8 quid, just for the hassle of parking up and walking all the way over from the pay and display car park as there is no vehicle access! So if they want it cheaper they will have to choose one of the old guys that do houses round here for a fiver.

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Last 6 months have given up 3 shop fronts same as in the picture. £8 a piece. Parking was a nightmare. None of them wer together so had to hike the bucket & stool around the town. They were always working on the high st road so could not always get down there. Real pain in the ars.

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