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Nope I don't use them, always find they get badly blocked! I install gutter hedgehog for a lot of people. Expensive but they love it! And does a great job of keeping gutters clear

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By they way that plastic stuff doesn't seem to work very well does it chaps? :Image13:



Hope that gutter hedgehog works better than that or you will have loads of grief in a year or two :Image16:


Also what would you do when they say my guttering is overflowing when you have put that hedgehog stuff in it?

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Yeah the hedghog stuff is very good, and I still get a yearly maintenance check up out of it to. The hedgehog comes in different sizes so can fit all gutter types and gutter where the tile is overhanging by a lot. Done loads and gutters have all remained perfectly clear! It costs more than most products but imo is worth it! I buy the stuff in bulk though

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I charge £11.50 per gutter ballon fitted per downspout that is only when I'm out clearing gutters do I give them the option.

So for an example a detached house with say 4 downspouts would be an extra £46 added to the gutter clearing bill. Simples :Image9:



How much do you charge for putting them in smurf. Seems like a good idea may give it ago my self


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There is nothing available here in the UK I know of to stop guttering & downspouts getting blocked.


Even that hedgehog stuff doesn't work as well as they say it does as will eventually block the guttering & downspouts up as the **** has no where to go apart from getting stuck in it. As we all know then will form a nice mulch for sods & forna to grow. That is unless someone removes it every year or two and cleans the brush and guttering out too


I've removed more of that so say no maintenace gutter guard **** I could open my own shop and sell it in bulk. :Image13:

Installing a simple gutter ballon yes will eventualy get block if the guttering is not cleaned out every year or so but will help to stop downspout bends getting blocked like this one for example.




So makes my job so much easier as gutters are easier to clean out properly when required and helps with the hassle for me to keep unblocking downspout bends (swan necks).








I tell them that the best way is to get them cleaned once a year (which keeps me in a job ) I wouldn't want anything installed which is too effective or they won't ring :Image11:


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If you think I'm telling porkies about the hedgehog gutter brush then see this




It does its job. The water can flow down the down pipe. Its pretty obvious that its going to need some maintenance. You can trell by they way its built. You should compre the costs of the hedgehog one and the micro one. It bet the hegehog one is still good value for money

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