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Smashhhh... £300. :(


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So, I was cleaning these three little openers the other day, and it turns out one wasn't closed/locked properly - window fell open inwards as soon as I touched it with the brush and there was the sound of something being hit, then a seconds silence then an almighty smashhhh....


Turns out (according to the home-owner) it was a royal doulton bowl and about 70 or 80 years old, and worth about £300..


I posted a note through saying what'd happened and apologised, we're going to see if they'll accept half the money as it wasnt my fault, there's nothing I could have done different and they did know the windows were going to be cleaned, they were in when we started but went out as we were doing the job. And if the wind had blown hard or a bird had hit the window, same thing would have happened. Short of checking every window before I clean it I cant see what I could have done different.


Sods law tho, they'd even said dont worry about those three as they're hard to get but being the nice people we are we said no, no, we'll drive round to next doors driveway and get them from there, and they were very pleased.


Until they got home and saw the note..


What do you guys think?

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Very nice honest bloke you sound Kips you could have kept you mouth shut easy there and admitted nothing .It is worth checking out on ebay what royal doulton piece it was as Antique have taken a nose drive in the last few few years and you will be surprised how cheap you can pick up royal doulton

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gutted m8 it is a hard one that. its not realy ur falt if thay new u were coming then thay should have kept windows locked an if the window could open an smash the dam thing well all i can say wat a stupid place to put a xpencive thing like that a strong gust of wind could have done that i wouldent offer any cash c wat thay say maby offer a free clean out of good will

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Not sure if it is the same as car insurance but kips might have to pay a excess so it might not be worth claiming on his insurance


thats true. if he offers a free clean an say sory that could b the end of it ide b looking in to my insurance detals as a bk up go from there
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Admitting liability is not good karma Andy it's just plain bonkers to me when you are insured. Now Kips has all the grief of sorting that out on his own when he should have gone through his insurance company to ascertain if he was liable in the first place. If so they would have dealt with it... Simples



Good your doing the ohnest thing, im a strong believer in karma ! Good things come to good people


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More to the point was Kips set up?


Hmmm...The more I think about it something sounds very fishy to me how come the window was left like that with the dalton whatever so close to the window :Image16:


So now what would happen if they turn around and say sorry it's not £300 we have had it valued and will now cost £2000 to replace like for like?


Who knows In reality that thing could only be worth £20 bought at a car boot sale and they catch every window cleaner out like that :Image13:

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