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Fiddle Sticks

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I should have titled it poo sticks.



I was filling the tank earlier and had about 50L till it reached full. It was trickling in and then I decided to make a phone call to another windy whilst keeping an eye on the water. Phone call ends and I go in for me tea. Chicken and new potatoes it was. Finish that and decide to go outside for a smoke. What's that noise? Oh it's the tap running. You can guess the rest....



What a numpty haha.

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Welcome to I flooded my van club :Image13:


Will not be the last time you will do that either if your're anything like me :Image3:

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Richard Hyde

i did it three times in a year last time i opened my doors and the water flooded out over my feet,, iv seen identical cartoons on the telly lol

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