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Van Capacity For Wfp Reach N Clean


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I have a Citroen Berlingo van

Permissible mass 1755

Mass in service 1238

What's the mac recommended size (litre) tank and system that it can accommodate

Thanks Allan

Also depending on the size of litre tank permissible - how many hours would it be expected to flow daily

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Berlingo and Partner have a 600kg payload (or 800 if stated on the V5C like mine) and that has to include the driver/passenger too so depends how many pies you've eaten over the years. At a conservative estimate I'd say you could get away with 400lt tank if you work alone or 300 if you work with someone. Like I said mine has an 800kg payload, I have a 400lt tank, 3 poles, pump an 100m of hose, 2 backpacks and all my trad equipment in there, the van full of water (inc backpacks) and full of fuel is 180kg off it's weight limit.

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Rear springs are torsion bars so you can't fit spring assistors to the back.


Overloading your van is not something that any reply should be suggesting.


Upgrading a 600LX to an 800LX will cost more than its worth. A change of tyres, springs and torsion bars is the reason. It will need to be done at a recognised workshop as a certificate of compliance needs to be sent to the DVLA so the vehicle specs can be updated.


There was a time after 2003 when the facelift 800 LX Berlingo/Partner 2.0 hdi lost payload to 788kgs until the 1.6 hdi engine was introduced. This model is also effected by the reduced speed limit regulations.


PSA allowed a drivers weight of 75kgs. So if you weigh 75kgs, your payload will still be either 600 or 800kgs.

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Spruce have you got a link to PSA allowing a driver weight of 75kgs?


No, I haven't unfortunately. I worked for Citroen in commercial sales for 5 years so this is how I know. This was with regard to the old models, not the current ones which have higher payloads. It could be that they have changed this to make their offerings more comparable with competitor figures eg Connect 625 and 825 etc.


Citroen have a dedicated technical department in Slough, so they will be able to confirm this.


Someone once gave the best advice. Fill your van up with everything you need for your days requirements including fuel before you buy and fit your tank. Then head down to the weighbridge and get your van weighed with the driver. The difference between this and your gross vehicle weight will be the weight of the tank, frame, battery and water.


My son has a Peugeot Partner 800 LX (52 plate) and he has a 500 litre tank fitted which he can brim. He has a pair of folding ladders, 2 poles, his hose reel, a 25 litre plastic container and backpack. He is well within the payload of his van as a single operator. If I get in, then his van is very close to being overweight, and definitely will be if he has plenty of diesel in the tank.


This photo was taken in 2007 when we fitted his van out. The Unger Teleplus ali poles have been replaced with a SLX 25. Otherwise, the plastic containers have been reduced to 1 and sits with the other ontop of the tank, and his backpack and plastic container reside there in place of them.


His 85 amp leisure battery is housed under the passenger seat and his old analogue Varistream and pump are secured to the upper mesh bulkhead in the cabin.


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