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Windows Above Porch Help!


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Hi guys I've got a few jobs I've got to do but struggling to work out how I'm going to get the the windows upstairs above the porch but one house has a porch that comes out about 7 tiles so the ladders won't go above it onto the wall or they can sit on the gutter but I don't want to stand on the tiles in case I break them!

I've got anouther which is a bungalow with a former and the windows even further set up and back so what am I best doing?

I'm thinking either just do the window with a extension pole but really want to get right up to it to wipe frames or the other thing is buy anouther set of ladders and I'm going to buy some more anyway as I only have one set at no so any recommendations for this problem?

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Lay ladder on tiles with ladder mitts & have someone foot it.


Other one get longer ladders & go above window with them. Without pics it's hard to tell. As said wfp yeah but we all don't have that & it wasn't out years ago so these windows must have been done before that.

Only other way is maybe get a pole & brush & clean the frames with normal water & then clean windows with pole & squeegee. Takes a bit of time but frames don't have to be done each time.

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I have a few of these, and I do one of two things. Lay the ladders from the side along the sloping roof, if the ladders reach the ridge tiles you should get up alright without breaking any tiles. And with a couple of others I have, I have to resort to a triple extender. Don.t waste your money on wfp.

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Cheers guys I've already ordered a unger double extension from wintecs as I can get somewhere near and reckon I can stretch to clean the occasional window but I'm just concerned about the finishing job around the edges of the window with a scrim!

I'm going to get a set of 13 step triple ladders to go with my double ten step ladders so hopefully they'll help but has anyone used these ladders that click into different positions?

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Trad section.....please stop with the spam !



glenandem, I tend to rest my ladder(with mitts) against the facia or whatever of the porch, climb the ladder to a suitable height and then use my Harris(or sometimes even my 2ft Unger) pole. A zero degree squeegee is best though as the angle is normally very wide. It's not quite nose to glass but, it's still better than from the ground and I can normally always do a very good job like this. I actually tend to use the same method for windows above a conservatory now too.



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I do quite a bit of trad to! was just saying what i do when i get a situation like that!!!!!


Fair enough mate. Sorry, I thought you were being smug.



Hi mate that's the idea that I've got at the moment although I've not thought about the angle of the squeegee!


Yea, one of the best tools I bought was my zero degree, that and the angle adapter. It works everytime whenever I'm forced away from a natural angle and strangely, I always feel a good sense of satisfaction whenever I use it to get a difficult window.



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if I do these jobs, I will first try and go on tiles (if strong type, not slate) to get close up for good clean. If i can't get on tiles, I tell customer that if i use pole, then job might not be perfect. (so hard to squegee from pole). That's why I'm looking into WFP for these type of windows. (But if I take that route then I might as well do them all). Bottom line, don't take any risks, one window ain't worth it.

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Hi pal, bit embarrassed but what's a di

I'm really not clued up on the wfp stuff?

Make a pole from a Harris pole. How to do it is in the tutorial tips & DIY section


A di is a canister you put resin in. Connect your tap water to one end & it comes out the other end pure water.

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Thats a good idea posh!


if the customer has a tap, get a standard hose reel, into your di and then a converter from the out side of the di to 8 or 6mm microbore and attach your pole and you wont even need a backpack!!

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