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Problems With Wintecs?


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Anyone ever had much problems with them with orders?

I order a few bits on Monday and thought I'd have them by today at latest and still waiting but called them just after 4 and they closed till Monday now!

Just wondered how long people on here have had to wait for the free delivery, it did say 2-3 days but I should have had it by today at latest?

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Never had a problem, give them a call on monday or email them, one of my parcels went missing once and they sent me a second batch out, free of charge, and apologised like it was their mistake not royal mails - a week or 2 later the original parcel turned up so I ended up with double!

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Cheers guys, never turned up Saturday morning either?

Like I say when I log in it still says processing rather than posted so looks like they might have made a mistake at they're end with dispatching or something but I really needed that pole last week not next week!

Phoned on Friday afternoon and all I got was Somone will be in touch and looks like I'm going to have to wait until tomorrow now for a responce!

Could be second and last time I use them

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yepp iv had problems with them I ordered a lot of stuff chose free delivery and it took a week to come then ordered something else a few weeks later and forgot to order one s channel thought i could tack it onto order but they said it had already gone so payed extra delivery cost they turned up 2 days later not next day


Like all companys I guess people make mistakes but I will use other companies first over them

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Placed a order for my start up kit (£150) come Friday so I unwrapped the box and found that they had only sent half of my stuff and nothing to say it was out of stock or anything. So I rang them and the woman told me shed get someone to ring me back later on that day. And still haven't heard anything. This weekend I was hoping to get some practice in but cause they haven't sent everything I've had to give it a miss.



L.Stokes Traditional Window Cleaner!

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haha yeah was that the woman with the professional but elegant voice lol!

hopefully i'll get the call back tomorrow but i too needed that pole last week and its not good service to just to leave a customer hanging onwondering,a simple email giving expected date would be usefull!

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Yeah that's right haha seem to me there like a back street dealers kind of thing. Yeah it would of been nice cause if I had a job to do on the Saturday then I'd of been screwed so I'm hoping it will be here tomorrow if not ill be ringing again.



L.Stokes Traditional Window Cleaner!

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Well I had to phone them up today as I never got the call back!

And basically they are waiting for unger micros I ordered so not sent anything out until they're all together but once I explained that I really desperately needed the unger pole I ordered they're sending that out today but micros could still be a few days!

Glad it's on it's way as that's what I really needed last week for a few jobs but a simple email or call could have just let me know!

No freebies either for inconvenience, might have to try elsewhere next time, once bitten and all that!

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I had exactly the same conversation with a bloke this afternoon. But u have to wait till Wednesday before he can send the rest of my order out and it won't be here till Thursday. But annoyed really.



L.Stokes Traditional Window Cleaner!

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