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Van Or Trolley


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Whats your thoughts guys had my mind set on getting DIY Van system W F P from pure freedom,

now i,m starting to think maybe trolley system would be way to go maybe more versatile getting

round houses abit quicker

would the trolley be awkward humping it in and out of the van with the weight

Damo got me thinking the other day how well he was getting on with his system

cheers duncs

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The only issue i had was the dry weight.


15kg trolley then say 5kg for the backpack + whatever water you have in the container. Usually rounds up to about 22kg.


SO i purchased a 7kg sack barrow (aluminium) Made so much difference. Cost about £55 and its lasted over a year. Well its looks no different and its still going strong.


The thing with trolleys is the speed of getting to awkward house etc.


Watched a chap today, he couldn't park near the house. so he ran out a good 80M of hose just todo the house. He came over and really studied my setup.

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Both. I started with a trolley, then van mount. I use the trolley now and again. Probably use it tomorrow to clean a gym that's miles down someone's back garden. I prefer the van mount tbh.

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Will see what I have got saved on computer.


I have pretty much done the whole setup scenario in most ways now.


I changed my van setup about 2 weeks ago maybe 3 and this is the best it's gonna get.


350 upright. Proper cage and trolley system. LOVE IT.

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This is my old layout.


Dads trolley system and mine in the back of van


Van floor cut out due to false floor scenario (blue floor with welded plates)


Flat tank system






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did your residential customers take to the pole no bother

was thinking going trad on the bottoms to start with what do you think


Between 2 companies we have converted about 8 - 10 runs.


We educated everyone and we had around 10 customers who would not have the pole. As time has gone on we have dropped these and left with about 3 trad (£25+ jobs) Its not that wfp is sooooooo much quicker. but when your set up for the day and you have ONE trad house it really winds you up. Getting the ladder off, filling a bucket yadaa yadda.


We never did a letter, and i think that was the best way.


Saying that i have just converted one house. She was trad, hated pole back to trad. But when she saw how clean her friends windows were she wanted poled again. did a 1hr job on a 20 min house and she loved it. So back to pole :)

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Well i have both and thats for back up only (van mount)


If you ever get stuck you can always ring me for a chat.


Not at 4am like one dude did! "Damo where does this wire go!!!!" lol i wired up a split charge system over the phone at 4am :D

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I've used van mount for 4 years and its worked very well for me. 100 metre real goes a long way


its the diy system from pure freedom,


but just recently been doing more houses it not so good areas and now thinking a small backpack with be great for the odd job then can lock van up.


plus with a backpack you can nip out in the car to do the odd job if vans out of action.


shame gardener have sold out of there cheap backpacks.



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i tried trolley, was pain in **** humpin about,, when you only need to carry a pole and drag a hose so much simpler quicker and saves lots of energy,,by time you unloaded trolley got it to where ya want it ya can be up and started if just carryin a pole,,,

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