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Tailor Made Window Cleaning Rounds,,,,,anybody Used Then ?


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Well had a chat on the phone tonight with them and it all sounds well and good..


Willing to travel up with a minimum spend of 1000. What gives u 500 plus work minimum.


33% upfront for leaflets and travel. Accommodation.


The rest onces u have met the customers.


Pricing sounds good to. Basically they will charge what your charging for that area

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Ok cheers... ill look into it as sounds ok plus it will save my feet lol wonder how it works if people drop out before a clean. And I'm guessing if they drop out after first clean that's down to u. Think ill give them a call Tomoz thanks for ya help tho nwcs.

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Please keep criticism constructive, blatant bashing of any type of supplier is not allowed especially from people with no other posts whatsoever.


Thread cleaned up.

Gutted. I missed the post lol

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Was nothing chaps, just someone that decided his first 2 posts and first status had to be canvasser bashing, fair enough I have read bad things about one of the names he mentioned but still something fishy about it.

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Guest starcleaning

Ive used them recently. they were great. took on £1000 of work for £2000. only lost 6 jobs and they refunded them the following day.


having them back again soon.

they are now called the-window cleaning canvassers

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Guest ivanbigtoe

I would not go near them ...I wouldnt use a canvasser but if I did, it would be one of the suppliers on here or another cleaning website, where you can get feed back from other cleaners with post history.

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What I’m going to do is just highlight a few things that you should look out for to avoid hiring the wrong person or the wrong team for your business, take them through this check list then make your mind up..


1: Do they have a telephone number?


2: Do they always answer their phone or if they miss your call do they contact you back?


3: Do they have a website?


4: Are they on facebook?


5: Are they on twitter?


6: Is there a contact address on any paperwork?


7: Will they produce photo identification?


8: Do they provide references that you can actually ring and verify using Google / Bing etc as genuine clients?


9: Have they been involved in window cleaning a long time or just starting up?


10: When paying money do they always insist on cash hence no papertrail?


If you’re considering hiring a canvassing firm and you have said no to 5 or more of these statements, be wary of hiring them and I would perhaps start small or not all.


Now here are some additional things you should ask your prospective canvasser / canvassing team and the things you need to hear.


Q: How soon can I start cleaning the work after you have booked it?


A: In traditional high pressure sales environments such as double glazing, kitchen, bathroom, timeshare sales the normal procedure is to service a customer as soon as possible i.e. same day or the next day this is done as the level of interest is at its highest point and doesn’t allow them to think about it, as time goes by the level of interest drops. Now in window cleaning as most people actually want that first clean your better off getting the customers to wait and to think about it, after all if they were really that interested waiting a week is no big deal. I also believe that if you allow the bookings to be made for the following day you’re letting the canvasser control your business. Also what if it rains? or van blows up? You end up looking unreliable.


Q: What exactly am I getting for my money?


A: If it sounds too amazing or over the top get your calculator out do the math, at that point if your thinking this team are not good business people i.e. not making decent money, chances are they are just trying to con you by offering too much.


Q: What is the canvasser’s liability on cancellations?


A: The minimum you should ask for is 2 cleans, if this is agreed the canvasser should be prepared to either re-knock or refund the difference if this occurs.


Q: How are they going to present the customer information?


A: This should always be presented on a spreadsheet if they just give you a scribbled in notepad it just says laziness’ if they are lazy on the paperwork what are they going to be like on the door or with representing your business.


Q: How soon can you get to me?


A: If they are ready to drop everything and take you on straight away it’s not a good sign, particularly if they have contacted you.


Q: How quickly can you knock the work in?


A: I would suggest £200 a day per man as an average ask how many people they have working at any particular time and again get your calculator out do the math.


Q: Ask yourself have I found these people advertising themselves in a clear and transparent manner?


A: You occasionally see canvassing teams advertising established rounds that turn out to be canvassed work. It’s not a great way to start a business

relationship. At this stage I would walk away.


In closing I really hope that people have found this helpful and that it saves a few people from parting with their hard earned money to any dubious canvassers or canvassing teams.


Id be very wary of them especially as they are claiming to be the number1 team in the U.K but have no clients that will confirm that, and especially as we all know who holds that crown.


Many thanks for taking the time to read


Mark Nicholson

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