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First Clean Problem


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Sumtyms wen i do a first clean the windows be gleaming afterwards


But sumtyms the windows have some very bad streaks !


It seems to always be the same problem .... Its like trapped dirt coming out of the rubber seals n dirt just drivbling down the window stained on


Had this 3 times in past 2/3 months but after the first clean ive had no problems


Ive told all customers how it is and they all still payed me even tho i said u can have it for free a women said today i appreciate your honesty i go to her its normal for that to happen, cos of all the trapped dirt etc


Any one else experience the same?



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So whats the solution then smurf? More scrubbing and even more rinsing?

absolutely he shouldn't be offering it free. He should be going back and doing it again cos he shouldn't have left it in the first place. Personally and maybe its just me but the old it'll take 2-3 cleans is like a get out of jail free card. Do it once do it right or work at maccie d,s

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I could have probably ragged that small window in the vid quicker with the same results


However after saying that it gives you the idea how you can clean windows using chems as a boost & pure. I've found using that method works very well but need to rinse much more to help reduce spotting & drip marks as the glass dries out. Vents like that will give you the most issues getting them soaking wet like that too.


If I can reach the frames etc on the ground floor I sometimes rag & magic sponge them first like this example.




If I need to restore plastic on first floor and above I have 3 methods I could use.



I would defo not offer a first window clean for free but often include a free window clean on a full exterior deep clean (added into the price already so its not really free) :Image13:

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I don't charge extra for 1st cleans, but I do make the customer aware that that the 1st clean is not always 100%. before i do them..Normally the 2nd time they are 100%.


I could charge them double and go over them twice, but my way seem to work for me.

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Yes Ecover the washing up liquid variant.


What I do, don't know about anyone else, just a squirt in a bucket fill with water, and dip brush into water.


Only did this once though.


I use a Hybrid teckbuk brush, which has boars hair in the centre good for first cleans and maintenance cleans...but ideally you need a full boars hair brush for first cleans.


No need for soap on windows etc to get them really clean....

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@ Vinny & Chimera. Squirt some ecover on the scrubbing bristles, scrub the frame, scrub the glass, rinse, scrub frame and window again, rinse, rinse and rinse. Move to next window and do the same. Then go back to first window and rinse for luck and so on. I did two first cleans this morning, it took me an hour, but they are clean and spot free.

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Using hot/warm pure water also helps on first cleans to break down dirt, lichen, algae etc but again rinse well to help avoid spotting & drip marks.


May I add having the right flow rate, brush and type of jets you use all helps too...

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