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Upgrading To A Vac And Water Fed Pole Ststem


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I run a small property maintenance business. I do not actually do window clesning but clean gutters, fascias, upvc cladding etc...


Up until now I've been doing this manually. Recently I have been receiving a lot more enquiries for this work.


I'm thinking of investing in a gutter vac and water fed pole to do this type of work.


For the water fed pole system I have been looking at this http://www.windowcleaningwarehouse.co.uk/shop/index.php?option=com_aceshop&route=product/product&path=131_248&product_id=4122


for the gutter vac and poles I have been looking at this http://www.guttercleaningsystems.co.uk/3000watt.html


Any advice or information would be grately appreciated.


Are the above products suitable and reliable enough for this type of work?


Are there any other products I should consider?


What is the best type of brush to purchase for fascia and gutter washing.


For the manual cleaning I've been using Ubik. Is this ok to use with the wfp system?


Thanks in advance.

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To be honest if I was using it everyday It would warrant a van install but I have to use the van a lot for other tools etc for my maintenance stuff. Also I have a budget of about £1k for vacuum and wfp

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So do you intend to use the backpack for tap water or pure water?


Reason why I ask if you don't have already you will also need a ro/di system, tds metre, holding tanks etc to produce pure from home & containers to lug the water about.


I started of down that route using a pf trolley and containers of pure and soon got fedup using that method to wash windows etc.


Most exterior property cleaning jobs I can use the customer outside tap to wash down plastics. Then use pure to clean glass afterwards which saves on the amount of pure used. However found using a trolley especially when customers did not have an outside tap was a pain in the **** as could get through loads of pure water.


That's why I soon got myself a small 250 ltr tank, 100m hose reel and use the trolley static in the van which takes up roughly the same footprint than all the containers I needed and is a lot less hassle to use.


Regarding your budget I'm sure you could get a good used wfp diy van system bargain from fleebay for less than 500 squid all in. Then have enough money left over to get that guttervac :Image9:

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a 250 l uprite tank is tiny an wont take up hardly any room to b fair with a small hose real u will soom get hacked off luging water drums about tank all the way m8 with a gardener clx 27ft cheep as chips not shore how mch gutter vac is tho

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Thanks for the responses so far.


As I was only cleaning gutters and fascias I was going to use tap water - but thinking about it and the mess it will make on clients windows, it probably would be worth washing them after.

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