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Dodgy Pump?


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hi everyone, wondering if someone could advise me on how to check I my Shurflow pump is working correctly?


It's a 5l 100 psi one and has no controller on it. The pump has the water going in (strainer first) then out to an 8l water heater then onto 2 reels.


I have disconnected the second reel, and tried having the 1st reel fully unwound but the water pretty much just dribbled out of the brush. I tried opening the air valve to clear it, nothing changed. The tap on my IBC is fully open or fully closed depending on your viewpoint!


Out of curiosity I tried putting my mains hosepipe straight onto the reel and the result was that it still dribbled out. This makes me think that possibly the problem is blockage in the microbore? But I dropped into Brodex today and they think the pump is probably goosed as it's 2 years old and probably always run without the controller.


I don't want to go to the expense of replacing the pump to find that I still have the problem so would anybody have any clues?


thanks all



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Unwind your hose completely and you will find that probably the hose has kinked thus stopping the flow of water, just unkink and should be okay. That is if your pump runs okay without connecting to the hose reel.

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its all new hose Doug but yeah it was the first thing I thought of so I unwound it all the way then tried it. I also cleaned a gallon of **** out of the strainer as well so that isn't the problem.

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I had two batteries pretty much fully charged when I started trying to look through it all. Neither of them are full now, but probably no worse than 1/2 way.


Pre-filter? is that the strainer thingy?

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I just disconnected everything immediately after the pump and it took 50 seconds to fill a 2litre milk bottle.


I don't think it is a 5l pump (says 1,4g on the dataplate so probably 10ltr?) but even if it was then 50 seconds for 2ltr is bad I think ... There's nothing before it other than a cleaned strainer so the pump being nacked is about right?

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it came with a van I just bought that had a 2 man set up in. the poles are **** so will be replaced! I'll probably not use the heater, the pump seems to be faulty and I need a flow controller!


I think the reels are ok though :Image3:

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thanks for everyone's input. Whilst the pressure isn't fantastic it seems that the majority of the 'problem' is that the pencil jets are more like jumbo crayon jets. I tried the same set up with a friends brush and the water came out fine.


Oh well, at least I know my way around my system a little better after all the hours taking it apart and putting back together again!

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