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best gloves for winter


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+1 Seal Skinz- worth every penny. Got thru enough cheaper ones over the years and the difference is plain to see.


You pay for what u get, and cold we hands is no fun when the temp drops!


£40 seems pretty step tho- I'm sure I paid about £25 for mine and WCW had them on offer last time I looked.....shop around mate!

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I got some sealskins brand new off fleabag for £22 delivered. I must be getting old as I never used to bother with gloves. I had some Unger neoprene's when I did read at minus temps. Brilliant they were. When you took your hand out the glove your hand would steam. Bloody smelly hands though :D

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I don't know if they are the best - I suppose it depends on what you really want. But, here are the gloves that I have been using the last 6 weeks:






They are water proof for most of the glove - all the palm and fingers up to the knuckles.


They keep your hands dry most of the time. There isn't that much thermal properties, but the benefit is, that the gloves are pretty thin, and easy to use with a pole or trad gear.


They are material inside, so not cold to wear like nitrile or rubber gloves are. They are thinner and more flexible than Showa 660 gloves.


They are not as warm, or have as much waterproofing as sealskin gloves, but are thinner, and easier to handle yourequipment and tools.


I like them so far, though the temp hasn't gone below zero so far.


Not that expensive, so worth a try if you want dry and flexibility, but not so worried about thermal.

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Been using these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Cold-Weather-Gloves-Thermo-Plus-Finger-Mittens-Liner-Piled-Acrylic-Wonder-Grip-/281201436365?pt=US_CSA_MWA_Gloves_Mittens&var=&hash=item4178e966cd for a few days now after totally rejecting the lewi neoprene ones.


They are totally water proof, warm and what i love about them is how the tube that goes up my pole just slides through the index finger and thumb, the neoprene ones were like s**t to a blanket, so the seam would just peel back, the longest i got the lewi gloves to last was 2 days!! For £22........total rip off

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I was talking to a gardener today who was wearing RAB powerstrech grip gloves. They look like they could be good. Quite thin, but have a good grip on them. Ideal for a pole?http://rab.uk.com/products/mens-clothing/gloves/-powerstretch-grip-glove.html

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