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I use a hose pipe on full and blast it out of the gutters, makes a bit of a mess. Just takes half hour of clearing up at ground level. I had a few houses where the gutters were a bit tight even with my small hands it was a mission. Price it well. But then you know your stuff Smurf

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All depends how bad it is and if there is sods in it or not as a hosepipe even at full pelt would struggle to remove sods but a pressure washer jetter would for sure. If/when as a last resort I have to jet gutters through I tend to disconect downspouts aswell to stop the sludge blocking the drain/soak away undergroud.

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well i know this may sound unsafe but if the roof on the right is in good condition and get consent from the owner you could just set your ladder up on the roof, the bottom at the edge of a tile so as not to slip, its not exactly as its going to go anywhere..... just a thought.

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I wouldnt like to risk that myself, just think if there like "yee go for it mo worries" so you do so, while up there it collapses cause dodgey bob built the wall, your in hospital + customer is claiming off your insurance for a new garage.


I no what your saying but jesus when you watch things like cowboy builders ln tv, it might look okay but uve no idea what sort of structure it has,

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Poped out today to quote and do that one whilst I was there. Funny enough the chap said that a window cleaner did accross the road a fews years back with his ladder on the garage roofs. Well sort of as he fell off his ladder whilst trying to clear the guttering. The window cleaner never got paid for the job, had a stay in hosptial for a while and also got a bill to have the gargae roof repaired.


So just goes to show taking chances like that is a rather stupid thing to do.:rolleyes:

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Some pics of that job if anyone is interested.


Gutter run had not been cleared since the house wall built so was packed solid with tile grit.







Because I was using a pole with both hands I was also using a ladder fall arrest harnes so was hooked on to the top of my gutter clearing ladder setup.



Bagged up gutter debris



Afterwards I decided to hose it through from the ground too.



Job done as safely as I could using ladders, stripped down wfp and pro-g gutter tool :)

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eh up im liking that make shift pole/hose thing that youv got to flush the gutters through after, i normally feed the hose along the guttering after been cleaned but definatly gonna look into making me one of those what your using in the pic

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Was no mean feet @norm doing that one up a ladder as had to use a 25ft sections of wfp (over 7m reach) fully extended to clear the packed tile grit from the far end of the gutter and pull it back to me. I new loads of **** would fall on the ground underneath so covered it beforehand as made it so much easier to clear up afterwards. ;)


Nice job Smurf.

What was length of your 2 handed pull mate?

I find the **** starts to fall out of the gutter doing long pulls

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