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roof cleaning - first job

Guest sdrah

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good evening everyone - I was asked to do a "quick clean" to a mossy roof something like this http://www.pesticide.org/Alternatives/phase-2-solutions-for-consumers/roofmoss.jpg


However I haven't cleaned a roof before - and don't have the equipment nor the experience . Any help from you guys will be appreciated .


It's a bungalow so is not too high but having no experience I am lost ... The owner wants me to cleaner the moss only and i was wondering if I should jet wash it or to use a wire brush and then a petrol blower ?! :)


or what do you think about this wand http://www.amazon.co.uk/Telescopic-Extendable-Lance-Pressure-Washer/dp/B0084D1018/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1386268133&sr=8-13&keywords=karcher+extension+pole ?


or shall I get a roof hook for my ladders ? how safe are these hooks http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LADDER-ROOF-HOOK-UNIVERSAL-/150601130656?pt=UK_Baby_BabyFeedingUtensils_EH&hash=item231086e2a0


thanks a lot x

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thx Smurf - It is a good , pretty safe and cheap method - so very probably I will do the same with a scraper something ...


Any ideas how much to charge ? I reckon it will take me most of the day to clear two 3 bed cottages - about £160? for the roof and about £80 + for gutters


Anyway thx

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Scraping will take you ages, i always powerwash, lay down tarps , always use a roof ladder, i never charge less than £250 per roof , aint worth it if you do, if i was too scrape a roof id want £500 minimum

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Guest LukeStead

We use a 12v pump powered by a Marine battery to apply the roof wash mix - 12.5 %sodium hypochlorite and water along with a surfactant. The surfactant we currently use is "roof snot" and we get it from south side equipment. I've heard of guys using dish soap as a surfactant, but it can reduce the potency.

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Cleaning a roof like that vid is totally fine until it isn't. Then it totally isn't. Like someone else said, one slip and its fatal at that height - at the very least a life changing fall. Wouldn't catch me doing it..

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Indeed it is standard practice.


Most don't think about their own safety especially old roofer as they get complacent and I've known a few that have killed themselves over the years falling from roofs. They work that way to remain price competitive and for no other reason.

I personally would not want to attempt to clean a roof properly without having the property fully scaffold first. It's all down to cost as most customers want to save money so get someone in to risk their neck instead.

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