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heres my diy wfp trolley system!


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hi guys thought i'd post my system up, credit to mark m even though he's not welcome here anymore as ive just copied what he built,ignore the cable ties they'll be getting changed and im just waiting for a remote to come.

have to say it was very easy to do and cant wait to get making pure water and get me pole now!wfp5.jpg.1eceafefac98931faa2088b8c1a131ef.jpg




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got it working and putting water out at various rates with controller but like i say no pole yet and waiting on ro ive ordered!

cant bloody wait but at the mo with it being christmas and having two kids who want the latest playstation 9 and iphone 12g and everything else that costs money the pole is getting ordered next few days!

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hi guys,heres my price breakdown-

trolley £55

pump £17

volt meter £4

on off switch £2

voltage controller was £4 from china but i couldnt be bothered waiting and ordered one in uk for £8

battery £13

junction box £15

strip of metal from b&q to do tank bracket and mounting the control box £8

panel mount fuse from maplin £2

ive not included the microbore pipe as i'd buy that for whatever system i built but that cost £30 for 30 mtr's of 8mm bore.

wiring and connectors i had laying about as did nut and bolts for brackets, i had some silicone to stick battery to box and also a piece of wood for making the flow switch more central.

two things i got to do is im waiting for a remote from china to wire in that cost £5 but not sure if i'll fit that as im gonna get a aquatap for pole and the other thing i got to sort is a charging port and charger but not spending more than a tenner looking around!

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if you go on marks youtube page, i wont link to it as i know he's banned on here but you can google his name easy enough he actually has a video with links to all the parts required to build it all!

everything is pretty much on ebay!

the pump says it has a 100 psi cut off but ive not tested it yet!

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Just be careful with which charger you get, is it a leisure battery you have?

I used to use my optimate charger from my motorbike, but it only kicks out 0.8 amps, it just wasn't up for the job


I had to get a beefier charger which whacks out 9 amps then tapers off as it charges and levels out to a maintenance charge of 0.5 amp


As for your 100 psi cut off, is it not built into your control unit? I have a varistream and it goes into pause mode when it reaches a preset pressure which i set

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no this isnt that posh pal!!, have you seen the current controller, it just bumps the voltage up and down to the pump but the pump says it has its own cutoff at 100psi!

the batterys only a small 12 v battery 7ah but most people who have made these before say they last a days work so that will do me, just need to sort the charger out now!

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I think you done a great job. Looks good. Did somet like that myself but instead of a trolley got a 80psi pump & high voltage battery with 30meter hose so can run it from van. Mate fitted a controller on it with 5 variable speed. It hits 3 story buildings on 2.

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well got my remote in the post today and fitted it and somehow i must have ordered the wrong one as this one only works for as long as i hold the button down lol, oh well fiver wasted, best get anouther ordered!

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