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My new website- whadyoa think?


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Alright lads, would you mind having a look at my website please. It only went online yesterday but there are still some changes I need to make. Your experience as well as any critisisms would be appreciated as I want to get it just right- I know its nothing groundbreaking here, but I need to have some sort of web presence aswell as a means to pay me easily. Here it is; http://www.armstrongwindowcleaning.co.uk/


Btw, when the spring comes I'll be scapping most of the crappy stock pics in favour of personal ones showing me and my van etc. I've got a mate whos a photographer, so hopefully he'll help me out when the weather gets better.


Also, there is no home phone number as I live with the in laws at the moment, but I'm moving out hopefully this/next month.

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Mate, I appreciate that. The orange was my idea as it the colour of the branded polo shirts (uniform) Ill be wearing in the summer. But if it looks bad to people on the website then it'll need changing. It seems that so many window cleaning websites are blue/white so I just wanted to avoid that if I could. But I'm glad you said about the orange as I'm not too keen on that either now. Any ideas?

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If ya give Dodger a call on this forum mate he is a good guy for this

I dont really know about websites hopefully better and more experienced guys and gals will be able to guide ya and I will learn something too

good on you going forward in your business mate

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Cheers, I just left a message on his profile, so hopefully that'll alert him.


I don't think I'll ever put anything about insurance up on a website as I have heard of people looking for insured tradesmen to sue. I would rather just have it in the back pocket in case things go wrong.

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dodger is not able to send/receive pm's either as only premium members on here now can send pm's to each other :confused:

Correct smurf, I've never paid for membership on a forum and never will I prefer to give back in other ways and i think I already did that in abundance.


As for the OP's website I don't think you need to change colours it looks OK. Just work on seo, get the areas you most want to be found for into the main content area, scrap them at the bottom or you'll be penalised for keyword stuffing. Use cleaner as well as cleaning and make sure images have seo optimised titles.

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Yep norm, there are some scumbags around. Why would someone fake a car accident when they can just fake tripping on a tradesmans hammer in thier kitchen. Window cleaning is the only trade I have seen where everyone advertises there insurance like its a main selling feature.


Cheers Dodger. I think I'm getting rid of the orange, it just doesnt go too well for me, but its a matter of taste. You're probably right about the keyword issue, I'll have them taken off if its going to cause problems. I'll look at ways of getting cleaner/cleaning in better. Thanks for your help.

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Very true norm, I've just got to learn how to do it now.


On the forum, I haven't really been here long enough to get into the politics of it all, but from past experience of forums that have started charging (no matter how little), they have always gone a bit downhill. People are on forums taking the time to give advice for free and usually resent paying to boost the profile of someone elses forum. I must admit that when I saw it was £1.50 or whatever I clicked and was just about to pay it, until I saw it was a monthly payment.

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I like the idea that it is voluntary to become a premium member

Speaking for myself I am unable to give that much tips,help and I am learning lots of guys and gals on here and I am happy to pay a small amount towards it.

Also good craic:D

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Thats fair enough mate. This place has been a huge help to me so I know where you're coming from.


Check out the website now fellas as its had a load of changes today. I'm over the moon with it... but still open to critisism. If its still coming up orange then you may need to press F5 on each page to refresh it and see the new format. www.armstrongwindowcleaning.co.uk

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