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Trolley system


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I run both the Pure Freedom trolley and a WCW "Bigboy" backpack strapped onto a trolley and both work well with their own strengths/weaknesses.


Pure Freedom Trolley



  • More Capacity (25l containers vs. 18l of backpack)
  • Can be used as a van mount plugged into a large tank or as a trolley with containers easily (big plus if you're thinking of upgrading to a van system)
  • Looks slightly more professional than the back pack strapped to a trolley (Subjective)
  • Collapsible (Tough there are and I use a collapsible trolley with the back pack both of which easily fit through a side door in of a hatchback)


  • Expensive for what it is (in my opinion)
  • Battery life can't be judged - Charge it overnight after each use
  • Can get the odd air lock if allowed to run dry/intake hose is left out of water for more than a minute. Sorts itself out each time after a minute or two of reduced output


Backpack on Trolley


  • Almost half the price of the Pure Freedom Trolley (Trolley and backpack combined)
  • Slightly more manoeuvrable (trolley dependant)
  • Get a few water cooler bottles and you can strap one upended into the top of the back pack on your trolley for 40l total capacity
  • Battery life is better than the trolley and has indicator (2-3days use per charge, I charge every second day however)
  • Never an airlock issue


  • Less capacity
  • Looks slightly less professional (subjective)



Being purely domestic at this point the trolleys work perfectly each lasting a full house in most cases (Roughly £1 per litre) and can really help reduce start up costs (5 door hatchback w/ collapsible trolley and containers -> Van no tank (lots of containers) -> Tank in van).

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Not really as backpacks sprayers are cheap china **** that suppliers have decided are good enough for wfp work but can fail very quickly. As the saying goes you get what you pay for in this world.


Howerver PF trolley's use the same quality parts that you would find in any decent van mount hence why they cost more.

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No probs bud...


The main advantage of a pf trolley is it can be used static in a van too just by connecting it to a van tank and adding a hose reel so you have the best of both worlds. That is when you get fedup lugging the trolley & water about in containers as can be a pain in the **** if wanting to use it daily on every job.;)

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