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Wagtail jetstream:(


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Unless you do car showrooms or shop fronts dont do it.....!! Unfortunately


I gave it a good try today and it has serious potential but the pad shape and material and the T bar edge shape needs changing for English domestic work, but the way it rinses is absolutely fantastic, this is the thing that shows its massive potential, its rinsing is absolutely brilliant.....


The problem is, it just cant get right into the corners, and its so difficult to not leave potential spotting drips on the top seal, the only way to eliminate these drips is to use the pad only to do the top edge and corners, then turn the water back on just below then work your way down the window, but this way leaves 'stroke' marks if you will from the hem of the pad and if you try and rinse them off..... because its so close to the edge of the pane, you end up producing the spotting potential drips again!!!


Now if you had a two man team working on big widows, this is gonna earn you more money,

one lad would use a brush and do the edges, the other lad using the jetstream could just infill the window fanning down the window in one sweep......lovely!!!


What i also found was that on my frames and sills after these windy conditions (my work is always window due to being high up), they get blasted with tiny black particles, some of the yokels tell me its from a nearby disused open cast mine. But a brush just scrubs them off, mainly because the way the brush acts like a hover craft when moving from glass to frame and visa versa. The pad on the wagtail just cant make that transition so the frames are very hard to clean without banging and clanging the frame, also the wagtail couldn't shift a spider that was snugged in riiiight in the top corner seal, like they do.


Sorry willie....for me!!!!! it needs work mate, but i love what your trying to do, watching your vid again in hindsight i should've seen that it wouldn't work on english frames, cause most of the cleaning in the vid is NOT typical to what we have here in pom land.


It has inspired me to do a diy project though, so i'll show you what i manage to cobble together lol

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Dohhhhh!!!! There's me thinking 'this time next year I'll be a millionaire' hahaha


Here's what i did after tea, works a treat if i get time i'll put a short youtube clip of it running



But i like this more i think, but i haven't run water through it yet. I'll do it shortly, just brewing up



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Sure that tube will be ok being scrubbed on the glass?

I think it would be better on a standard brush (Sill brush has bristles in the way) & fixed to top of brush stock. I can imagine Alex G furiously scribbling out a patent design application form right now :D

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I dont think i push hard enough to get down to the tube but there is a bit more room to bring it deeper into the bristles, also the whole bar acts like suspension it just flexes.

I'll have a go tomoz

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