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GoDaddy websites?


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Hi everyone, happy new year!


I'm pretty much sold on the idea of yusing GoDaddy for their website service. It includes domain, design, support and SEO for about £80 per year which to me is great value (even if I dont actually "own" the site)


Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with them at all?



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Godaddy are big in the states. They don't have a good rep.

Try 123.reg for domain names. Simple to point a domain name at a hosting company of your choice. We have are own servers but you can get cheap shared hosting. Think this forum offers that service. If not we might be able to help out.

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Godaddy hosting is fine - but ANY sitebuilder type interface restricts what you can do with a website and 9 times out of 10 means that your google rankings wont be as good as they should be.


Decent UK based hosting is cheap - 1and1.co.uk get good reviews but I hate their user interface,. my recommendation would be TSO host.

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Thanks for all the replies, I'm looking into using them for their website builder as well. As the package includes SEO surely that will help Google rankings? Obviously there are better options if you spend more money but we're only talking £80 here...

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As the package includes SEO surely that will help Google rankings?


Sadly - the "SEO included" line is a steaming pile of horse muck - - Yes, the ability to SEO your site is included (To a limited extent at least),.. but you need to know how to use it! SEO isn't something that software can do for you - it needs to be specifically tailored to your business, your customers and your target keywords. Even the simple act of choosing the keywords is something that 9 out of 10 people get completely wrong!


Most sitebuilders make it awkward to SEO every element of your site & restrict many of the options you can use - on top of this they add their own custom code to every page making it obvious to Google that your website was built using Wix or Vistaprint etc - - Google sees this & instantly knows that this is a cheapo site, and most likely for a very small company and adjusts your ranking accordingly.


If you want to DIY - get a £4.99 a month linux cPanel hosting package based in the UK (TSOhost or 1and1) and install wordpress in it - - wordpress is very powerful, very easy to use, and is a platform used by some of the biggest websites in the world, so it looks really pro to Google. Its also very easy to SEO properly,...

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I've been playing around learning how to make wordpress responsive sites from freebe templates that was loaded onto a subdomain not even relavent to what I do. The only thing I changed was added the company name in the copyright bit and left it a few days. Did not even add any text to it or any seo (site title meta data etc) but when I typed in the company name in a browser guess what google organic search stuck it on the first page of the search results. How crazy is that o_O

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