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not happy with aqua tap....... help


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I used my new aqua tap today, easy to fit. First impressions great, then I used it on real work. I use the gardiner light sill brush. I did not need to press against the window to turn off or on, a quick flick of the wrist would do the job of turning it on or off, and thats the problem, unless you work slowly and carefully it would turn off with any sudden movement of the pole. Also when the pole is against the glass you need to apply a permanent right twist to keep the flow on.

Am I doing something wrong.

Any one else had this experience

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im haveing the same prob m8 i used it all day 4 the thurs time to day an im not keen on it ill b puting my aquadapter bk on monday grrrrr it needs to b titer as even a gust of wind will twist it on an off peter said it will titen in time but i cant c it titening up mch more

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Where are you getting the washer from.

Is it a thicker washer or are you putting 2 washers together

im not shore yet m8 as i havent stripped it down im guna take the washers out an go to a pluming shop or maby a moter mart an mach up the washers an just add 1 an c how it is if needed ill add 2 ill let u no when i strip it m8 it will b this week im guna pm peter an ask 4 a bit of info to b 4 i go in all guns blazing lol as i dont wana bugger it up:)

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Nightmare!!! Hope you get them sorted, is it made by aquadapter?


When i saw the youtube footage of the aquatap i gotta admit i knew it weren't for me, i know the AD has its faults but i just cant see another way of doing it now, been using one for 18months now and just love em

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You should be telling peter fogwill also your issues with his product surely?

Before you start messing with it see what he can do first as must be under some sort of guarantee.


This is an interesting vid before you go stripping it down to see what's inside


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ive pm peter just wating 4 a reply !! looks like it can b titend very easy then i think it will just take a bit of geting used to an a change of tecneek im guna have a nother bash to morrow b 4 i do titen it :)

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rite guys peter said if u turn the aquatap to the half way persishion u can pull the pins out an wash the o rings an the little slot they go in that will titen them up an sort the problim:)

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it will solve the prob m8 not every on is haveing this prob tho lots r very happy so ide get one an c wat u think im shore its a case of some have more grease than others the o ring can b twicked to titen it or lousen to ur prefrence :)

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yes m8 i have the aquadapter v-lite my view is the aquatap is beta on my big pole as u can keep boath hands on the pole at all times idel when wrking at hight the aquadapter will b a pain haveing to tug the hose with a 47ft pole in 1 hand not good for ur rist i think,but having said that when i titen my tap up i think it will b easer to use than the aquadapter as its still a bit of a pain tuging the hose with a 22ft pole

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i couldent b with out mine now to b honist i found the tap was quicker to turn water on an off as its just a twist of the pole the aqua dapter u have to rest brush on the sill then tug then move pole

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Mad innit how we all have preferences lol


I just wash my AD every couple of days with pure and once a month i unscrew it and soak it in hot soapy water then rinse with pure, so have little to zero issues with mine, if it starts to need the dreaded tug tug tug tug, then get a spare brush and scrub with pure.

But i would like a go with the A tap

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the one thing that werried me about the ad was the little plastic thing that ataches pole hose to ad looks like it wont last as it has to small plastic pins to hole it in place ude think they would where after a wile an pop out??if i was designing it ide make it out of brass of some kinda metel that dont rust

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