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Price increase


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Hi all I'm a trad windy and think it's about time to put my prices up , how much increase would you suggest ? And what time of year is the best time to do this?

After a price increase do you lose many customers ?

Many thanks

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i always put mine up in april as new tax year and weather starts warming up, i wouldn't bother putting any up yet as many people look at cutting costs and saving money in the new year so it wont go down well the window turns up in January increasing his prices imo

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As said dodgy time at the moment. I try hang on as long as possible & have not touched them for 3 years now & can manage this year ok so will keep mine as they are. It's always a worry puttin them up. Our business to me is one of the first people can get rid of if cutting costs.

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I'm lucky, most of my custys ask after christmas if the price is still the same, but i usually put mine up by 30p every two years.....most just round it up to 50p to make it easier for collecting/shrapnel


I dont think i would get away banging them up by a quid, but i am up north lol

Southerners are considerably richer than us flat cap whippet lovers lol

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I have had my round for two and a half years with no price increases in that time. One of my new year business resolutions is to put them up. Must admit, I am doing it gradually rather than increasing everyones price at the same time. At the moment I am putting up charges for the wealthier customers and for those houses that I badly priced in the first place. Most will be going up by a pound.....cant see the point in increasing them by pence as it will make it a nightmare for giving out change. Well, maybe 50p increases for the lowest priced customers.

I have had a few customers ask me if the price had gone up. I even had one last week who suggested I put them up!

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must admit that I don't bother with 50p any more unless the job is less than £10. Most customers I increase by £1 but probably only every 2 or 3 years. (theres always exceptions, perhaps if the price is wrong to start with).

Like mrtaytay said, I have customers ask has the price gone up, or sometime u should put ur price up. So they may be the first to look at increasing.

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True some might be asking has the price gone up, not expecting to pay extra but to question if it is then I might have to reconsider your services. That's an interesting question. But I suppose most know there customers fairly well and know what they can get away with it, or at least question them about a rise?

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