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Some advice needed guys and gals.


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Had a call from a very nice lady asking if id quote them for window cleaning at there new offices, of course I said yes and went tae have a look see, I assumed it was just normal outside cleans , when I got there she showed me round then asked if id quote for cleaning inside panes as well, I told her id never done that before but she didn't seemed bothered by this , anyway too cut a long story short I had a look inside and I am guestimatting that the inside office windows will take a mornings work, there are not many windows outside as its a converted warehouse, but a good few internal panes between offices, I gave my price and got the contract

yesterday, anyway as ive never cleaned inside panes I need too get some advise on what the best equipment for the job is.

What do you guys recommend for inside cleans? I want decent quality kit that does a good job, a list off the basics be great.

I can get at most internal windows as they are normal height but at the stairway I need a extension pole, should I use my wfp with an inside cleaning attachment? does such a device exist, does anybody use that Karcher device? is it any good?

Some pictures

The first 3 are external windows, the last ones the stairway with coloured glass, the rest inside ones are normal clear panes between offices and obviously the inside panes off the external windows, its a 4 weekly contract , thanks in advance guys and gals, total newbie too inside cleans but wanna do a good job from day one







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Unger trad gear is what you need. T-bar, applicator, channel, squeegee rubber and an ergotec handle. I'd probably get an Unger extension pole to get to those coloured windows. Buy it now and practice before you start on the job.


Wintecs are a good place to get the tools from.

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As above. Maybe get a couple of wet floor signs to put down to cover yourself. A Harris 5m pole would also be good.


Maybe if your ladders long enough using ladder mits you could place it on the wooden bits between the windows. Just a thought.


Also if yer doing inside maybe put a towel on the floor or when yer squeegeeing have yer applicator underneath to catch the drips

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the micro fiber pads on a pole are good for high work. nomal ground floor windows doors ect i use my ordinary trad gear, but i make the water more soapy and use the applicator just damp with more of a soapy lather if that makes sense.i did a office clean on wednesday as it goes in side and out. As smurf said about elecrical kit ect if there are files or other carp on window ledges get them to move it any comps or moniters get them to pull em away its not that your lazey but you need to cover your back all the time. as you get near the bottom of windows follow the line of the blade with a cloth to catch the runs and drips, and if your working in hard floor corridors i have a small dolly mop that i run along the edges of the floor when im done

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