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250ltr tank in back of people carrier


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I am thinking of putting a 250ltr tank in back of my zafira instead of buying a van just yet to save money.


Has anybody done this, what sort of tank upright or flat, and how did you secure it so it does not move, or is there any companies that can do this.



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I put a 210L upright in my old Vauxhall Cavalier on the back seats & secured it with the seat belts wrapped round + padlocked.

I wouldn't recommend this route for long term though as the tank will "sweat" so your car will always be damp & probably smelly & it may invalidate your insurance.

Several 25L drums would be fine though.

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Cheers rocket, 25l drums is what I'm doing now, a van is the aim but seems silly to spend money on van tax insurance until I have built round bigger as i have only just started and will only be doing it 1 day a week for now.

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25l drums. Get herself a pump & battery & a on/off switch. Put them all in a box like a toolbox. 2 holes in it for the hoses to come out. One hose in the 25l drum & one hose connected to yer pole. Can then run it without taking anything out of the car. Need a 30-50m hose to get all round the house. I used a fishing swim feeder which was heavy enough to keep the hose at the bottom of the 25l drum. Wrapped a bit of nylon netting round it to act as a filter. Get a 100psi pump so got enough power to do them windows quite away from yer car. Fit a 5 speed controler if yer like. Sounds complicated but very simple& means you ain't gotta keep taking the drums out the car. Don't forget a charger to charge up battery.

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That sort of setup I would go with something like a 75-85L tank in the boot so there's fewer refill stops & less chance of air locks in the hose.

Just make sure you waterproof outside bottom area of tank & places you'll put the drums (my Cav went from fine one year to MOT tester fear-inducing rust sightings!)

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You could have 2 hoses going into 2 25l drums then the 2 hoses going into one before fitting on pump. That way you 50l to play with. Need a good pump tho to pull it through but may work.


I've got the set up & as yet not had a air lock.

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I have a 2000 plate zafira and i have just fitted a 350l layflat tank strapped in with ratchet straps mine is fed with a pump and battery in a box of ebay and 100m of hose on a reel, i should of probably should of got a upright for more room, make sure you slide the rear seats far forward as they can go as it will put all the weight on the rear also get spring assistors for rear ebay £17 i have just fitted these as the rear end look like it was bottomed out these are a must, fully loaded with 2 sets of ladders all my trad gear and water fed gear 350l in the tank 22l in the backpack and 10l for trad car weighs in at 1870 and is legal to 1970

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Thanks for all the responses,

I originally thought I was being stupid even thinking of putting it in my car, but I may go for a 125L tank in boot and keep 4 x 25L on floor behind front seats. Which should be equal to 100kg on back seats and 125kg in boot which I think is about the same as if i had the car fully loaded with 7 people. 25kg = 4 stone which is 16 stone across back seat area and 20 stone in boot area which should be enough for now until I get a van.

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