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(Pressure Washing) Best Hot Box Help


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Anyhow I'm in a bit of a dilemma at the mo as bid on one on fleebay and won one which looks like this http://equip2clean.co.uk/pressure-washer/burner/lavor-volcano-hot-box-heat-exchanger-boiler.html

It's a lavor volcano hotbox so say like new hardly used for £450 which was great bargain I thought as are over a grand to buy new. However the only problem is I did not take much notice of the location so looks like I have a bit of a trek on me hands to pick it up as is 390 miles away from me in Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire....Oops!


Alternatively can anyone recommend a courier service that is not going to cost me my life savings to collect and deliver it for me?

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Well it looks like I'm off to sunny Scotland Tues/Wed if I can't find a reasonable cost courier by then.

Going to take the oldest lad so we can share in the driving and just maybe have a wee bit of fun while we are at it. Any excuse to get away for the night from the little women sounds a good plan to me:D

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I'm finally going hot yeeha!:D


I've a nice little stone cleaning project lined up for it too as the chap wants one of his outbildings stone walls cleaned as is being converted into a dwelling.


@Donny do you think steam cleaning alone will get rid of the reddish decolourisation on this type of stonework as the outbuilding in question looks similar?



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Depends on the brick, it could be oxidation which is hard tae shift without chems, before doing job get some Chloras, try a wee corner at full strength from a wee garden sprayer bottle , try another thinned 50/50 with water , and try a wee blast off the pressure washer with the hot box on its own, if you decide it needs chloras first hose an area off wall too get it wet , spray the chloras on then leave for about half an hour , then pressure wash off, remember tae wear eye protection :) good luck , hopefully just needs a straight hot clean :)

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I'm really looking forward to be able to use high & low pressure hot water and steam when required as I've had loads of work recently that I’ve had to turn away because I did not have a hotbox.


Would also be interesting to do a test to see how quick it would heat my van tank of pure so can wash windows with hot too. That will be all dependants if the hotbox flow rate will work ok instead of connecting a pressure washer to it just using a high volume bilge pump instead.

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were my eyes playing tricks or was that a clx converted to a lance in the 1st vid? iv seen them telescopic lances available but never fancied one as its all fibre glass and looks heavy and bendy but a clx conversion would be interesting.

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Anyhow I managed to get palletways.com to pick it up hopfully on Saturday which they will palletise on collection. Still going to cost an arm and leg though but I would have spent that much in fuel alone collecting it myself. Had to pay an extra 30 + vat though for them to collect it on a Saturday as no one is home during week days so in total is going to cost me £125 to deliver. :(


Was a bloody good job I only paid £450 for that lavor hotbox as the chap had a buy it now price of £650 so I'm still well chuffed.


That will teach me next time to pay attention to the location on a fleebay listing and don't bid on stuff at the last min nearly 400 miles away over 30kg in weight.:D

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