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Best to clean the frames after the windows?


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Firstly, is it best to clean the frames and sill after the windows, i used to do the frames and and sill first but this seems stupid as the water drips down from the glass onto them. Is it best to use the water from the glass to clean the frames etc with the sill cloths?


How can you squeegee well so you reduce detailing?


Best to use an old squeegee on frames as well as sill to get excess water off before going over it with a cloth?

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hey slippy different windys will have their own way of doing things

I just have a damp micro cloth and would just quick rub one side then top then other side clearing cobwebs and any dirt etc

I clean window and detail sides and top

wee quick wipe bottom frame with my micro and detail bottom

then sort sill quick wipe


you can dog ear your squeegee to reduce detailing details about this can be found on this forum

I just use hard rubber and find it does the trick for me


wouldnt bother squeegee frames only need a damp cloth to do these

maybe think about using less water on ya frames and sills


I aint saying this is best just that this works for me

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for first cleans I clean frames then the window then the sills. after first cleans and your cleaning them on a regular basis window panes then a quick wipe over the frames then sills . dog earing your squeegee will help I personally think its fantastic you have to play about with it but when you get it right you'll notice the differents straight away.it really cuts down on detailing.but its down to you in the end you find the best way for you and once you get into a routine youll get faster at it no matter which way you decide to do it .

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The only time I (may) clean the frames is on a first clean. I never clean frames otherwise, if I'm asked to do so, it's an extra charge. I have one customer only who requests all the windows and frames done everytime.

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I was going to try the dogearring then the guy I buy my gear off said I shouldn't bother because if it was such a good idea the manufacturers -unger etc would already be doing it! But I am sure u guys are right, I will try it on my spare squeegee, it only costs £2 for a new channel anyway!


Hard rubber hey, I have always used the soft stuff, maybe I should order some of that next time!


Do I use too much water?- I dip in the bucket then press against the thing on side of bucket and throw some water onto the grass, is it still too saturated? Should I also take back end of channel to the applicator? Can the applicator be too dry?


Regarding the frames, if they look clean should I just leave them, how dirty do they need to be before i clean them?

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Regarding the frames, if they look clean should I just leave them, how dirty do they need to be before i clean them?

Just wipe them with wet sill cloth when good weather returns in spring then again in Oct/Nov so you concentrate more not being behind so much in winter.

Some houses may need doing more regularly if they're right by a big tree & if you want a higher professional image/reputation

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First clean I use sponge all over the window then wipe the frames and clean the glass I always clean the sill last as usually its covered in water. When I go back second clean its usually a lot easier to clean so I apply the water to the glass wipe any muck off then the squeegee and clean glass then the sill.

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I have said many times on here that I don't detail or wipe the frames, but when I was using an applicater and squeegee I used to do it like this. After washing the window I would wipe the top part of the frame and onto the glass, then wipe the squeegee. I would then start fanning in the middle of the top frame, with the squeegee roughly at an angle of 45 degrees, going to the corner. then, keeping the squeegee at the same angle, go down to the bottom corner. Then coming back up to the top, repeat the same movement down the other side. they may be some wter running down the frame, and this will cause runs. So the thing is to keep your rubber in good order, and dog-ear the channel. That way you should get into the edge and draw most of the water down.

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