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Now this email made me chuckle

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"Dear Sirs, We are selling the newly acquired domain name Gutter-Maintenance.co.uk This is the very first time since 1997 that the domain has ever been available on the open market. Most of our customers are now finding that generic domain names such as this pay for themselves within weeks rather than months by virtue of the extra business that they drive to their websites by means of type in traffic and greatly enhanced search engine positions. The domain is currently on sale for just £495.00 Would you like to go ahead with this? Best regards, Martyn Horne Sales Director"


Now I just wonder how he found me as he filled in a contact form on my site. Doh!!! :D

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Easy comeback for ya smurf, no need to thank me, just copy and paste...



"That sounds like a great deal Martey. But how about we do a swap. I bought the domain name www.ridiculouslyoverpriceddomainnamessoldbyachancercalledmartyn.com I think this will be a great asset to your business and should get you high on the google rankings putting you ahead of all the other chancers trying it on. If you don't like that domain name, then you can www.do-one.com "

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