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Help with george software if poss please

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Hi all great subject this the reason for backing up your files is a format that George software uses so as you said whsts the point off backing up very important as if your computer breaks then you can just install George again on any other pc and restore all your data straight back from your backup file.

I use a usb memory stick and constantly back up to that each day.

George offer an online backup off about £10 per year but I find no need for this guess I'm a scrooge lol.

Hope this helps



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The backup file is a GEO file format the only programme to open it up properly will be George.

Looks like a load off Chinese if you try and open up with notepad etc.

As I said it's only ment as backup file and if your pc breaks or you have to format it then its just a matter off downloading George again from net and click on install backup.


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As for moving on a week seye got it spot on move each day by right clicking on the top off the day.

Then press add whole day to list.

Pop up will come up look 3/4 way down

Set all to simply put in the next date you want to do the job.

Click ok

Will automatically move all that day to date you've moved.

As for moving whole week no can do at moment which I prefer daily anyway as it's so simple and i can move a week in less than 5 min anyway.

Hope this helps.



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