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Glazenwasser (.NL)

How do you feed your beast!

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Glazenwasser (.NL)
Posted (edited)

For those who operate 25lpm machines, how do you keep up with the sheer amount of water required to feed it? 25lpm x 60 minutes is a whopping 1500 litres per hour.... I appreciate you can get a secondary feed from the customers supply but even then during the summer 7 or 8 litres per minute 'may' be possible ... So at best you 'may' get an additional 480 litres from this....but how many find you are able to keep your machine supplied ? Even with a RTTBP in place you would have to be off the trigger a good amount even if you started with a 1000 litres....*So fair to assume a trailer bouwser would be needed or am I missing something obvious? 


* For those without legal access to hydrant points.

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We use a couple of  large wheely bins as a buffer tank , sometimes you do run low but not a problem generally , there is always something that needs moving , , so just let it fill up again , whilst doing other things 

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Glazenwasser (.NL)

just found out from a Irish customer I have here in.nl that house.are hooked up to the main water here and not to a the household water tank in the loft as I think it is in the UK (.PS I know nothing about household plumbing😁)..... But what I do know is in most areas I will be working I am getting about 20litres per minute from outside taps..... So I'm a happy bunny ..... Cheers for all the advice guys

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