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  1. Doug

    Best heater to prevent van system freezing up?

    Can anyone recommend what the best van heater would be to stop the big freeze up of everything.. I have a hot water system with frost-stat but when it drains my batteries I am still frozen solid. Many thanks,
  2. Chris Dall

    New Hot Water System

    Im fed up with my two gas heaters, leaks, drips, and freezing over night before i even get the chance to use them. One is and Ecotemp L5 and the other a Fastar system. Im willing to splash the cash on a diesel heater for two man operation with a frost stat controller. Ive looked at the...
  3. russ1979

    Complete WFP system

    PRICE:5000 DESCRIPTION: I'm selling my set up as I've been accepted in to the fire service ( dream job)   I am selling the setup only, but would sell the van for the right price too!   -500ltr tank system, twin DI 11 ltr vessel -5KW diesel hot water heating system -Frost stat mode...
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