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  1. Daz69

    3 point ladders

    I'm thinking of buying the 3 point window cleaning A-frame ladders, my question is, are they worth it, or just stick with my usual ladders.  Thanks. 
  2. T

    Any help would be appreciated

    Does anyone know of any websites or shops or even anyone looking to sell ladders that are more suited for downstairs work, a half set, cant seem to find a traditional half set anywhere 
  3. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Ladder safety, securing a ladder for longer durations

  4. Sam

    Youngman 200 ladders + stand off & pads.

    PRICE: £65 DESCRIPTION: Youngman Trade 200 Extension Ladder - 2 x 10 rungs, 3.08- 5.11 mtrs, a ladder stand off and pads. All good condition. LOCATION: Stourbridge PICTURES:
  5. Marko067

    How often do you use your ladders?

    In my case it's been twice in six months. Last one was following a call back when a bird imprint had not been completely removed. I went back dutifully and cleaned it off but the bird had been carrying something waxy which had also left a mark, a mark I couldn't see easily because it was in the...
  6. D

    How to extend a triple ladder

    I am over 12 years doing window cleaning with a double ladder. No problems. I have started doing gutter cleaning and have purchased a microlite standoff and a 23 foot triple ladder. Now please do not laugh at this, but how the hell can I push the ladder up high enough that the microlite...

    "NEWBIE QUESTION: Where can I hire a ladder?

    Hello mates, how are you all doing today? I'm a newbie window cleaner 3 months in cleaning windows. Yesterday for the first time client asked me if I can clean the gutters. I agreed, knowing that i've never done it before, nor do I have the equipment for it, not even a ladder. The Gutter is...
  8. JohnSMR

    Unsure about ladders to get

    Hi all, I'm starting up window cleaning from next month! I've got all the equipment apart from ladders! I'm unsure about what size ladders to get. I dont have a car so i'll be walking around with them. I've been looking at Lyte Trade Ladders, specifically these two: Lyte Trade ELT230 Double...
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