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Found 6 results

  1. Your Real Name: Allan The Location You're In: Surrey How Long You Have Been Cleaning: 5 months Brief intro about yourself: Started window cleaning with a friend but we went our separate ways a few months back and I have been enjoying the hot weather and slowly building my round. Hope to contribute to this forum and I have had a look around and some great topics. I hope to double my round in the next six months it's a struggle at times but nothing comes easy. I started with WFP but I have found myself going back to traditional cleaning but the WFP is great at getting the grime off on a first clean. It's just my preference. I also do cleaning offices etc. All my best Allan
  2. After the tap water tds has shot up and pressure has dropped I'm no longer getting 0ppm like I used to so for a short term fix I bought some resin and cleaned out my old resin chamber that hasn't been used for the past 7+ years. Last night I was getting 3ppm after the resin and I assumed it would settle to 0 pretty fast. (The input from RO is 14ppm) This morning I'm still getting 3ppm!? It's ok to work with but it doesn't make sense. Shouldn't resin take it down to zero and then slowly climb after the resin starts to get used up? Any ideas what is wrong? Thanks
  3. Matthew Punter

    New van and system setup

    Hi - I’ve always had fairly old vans and am getting bit fed up of the constant repair bills and I’m wandering whether it actually worth getting a brand new van and system and pay monthly - has anyone purchased a brand new van and system - any suggestions of good deals for medium sized vans around 500 litres deceivers system fitted
  4. I've done it! I've taken the plunge! I've prepared lots ready for my launch in the new year: - Flyers & Business Cards (with quote space on the back) - Kit (Mostly Moerman) - 3 section trade ladder (6.85m) - Bicycle trailer which I will be customising to carry my kit - Insurance - Website - Business email - 0800 number to attract custys - Business mobile (£6 from Tesco) - Created a MoreApp new customer signup form - Quote calculator sorted - Set up my business bank account, GoCardless & TextLocal Kit List: 2x Moerman Excelerator - 10" & 14" 2x Moerman t-bar - 10" & 14" 3x t-bar sleeves - 2x 10" 1x 14" 1x Belt 1x Moerman bucket on a belt 2x Pouches 1x Bucket 2x 10L water containers 1x Scraper Microfibre cloths Fairy Platinum liquid Anything I've forgotten? Really looking forwards to starting up in the new year! I'll post some pictures of my bicycle trailer soon once it's done. James Window Gleam A6 Flyer.pdf Business Card - James Savory (1).pdf
  5. For those that use mobile devices to access the forum or those that have rubbish old phones who used to not be able to access the smilies on the site. You should all now be able to use both the smilies and emoji obviously if your phone or device supports it.
  6. Hi all, I'm starting up window cleaning from next month! I've got all the equipment apart from ladders! I'm unsure about what size ladders to get. I dont have a car so i'll be walking around with them. I've been looking at Lyte Trade Ladders, specifically these two: Lyte Trade ELT230 Double Extension Ladder 10 Rungs Max. Height 4.88m OR Lyte Trade ELT235 Double Extension Ladder 12 Rungs Max. Height 5.94m Im leaning towards the ELT230 but im sacred incase i need to get a taller set of ladders. Any advice? :confused:
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