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sodium hypochorite

  1. sllab

    Window cleaning pole for softwashing

    I have got a couple of quotes out for softwashing some 9m high painted houses. I currently have a 22ft pole that isn't up to the job and was thinking about a Gardiner SLX 39 with a benz nozzle to give me a bit of extra should something even larger come along. Apart from washing down the pole...
  2. Captain Peacock

    Starting a Soft Washing Biz - Help/Advice needed!

    I've lost my job, it was contract work, and as I'm getting on in me years just turned 50, employers are getting fussy about hiring when you hit this age, i know cos my previous job (the 1 before last contract) went to a younger guy. Anyway, been wanting to get into some sort of cleaning biz...
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