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van setup

  1. B

    Thoughts on a dual van setup wfp/powerwashing

    Hi folks, I'll apologise in advance for a lengthy post but I think this might make an interesting discussion. I'm a newbie just starting my business and am currently looking at options for kitting my van out (2014 vivaro sbw) I want to build a decent window round but have the ability to take on...
  2. Paul Symonds

    Fitting Waterfed Tank in VW Caddy

    Hi,  Thank you in advance for any help possible.  I have recently just upgraded from trolley and traditional window cleaning to a van waterfed system.  However I am still to fix the system to my van. I am looking for advice of how to do it especially from any one that has fitted one to a VW...
  3. A

    Is it possible to mount an RO vertically?

    Evening all. I will be refitting my van in the spring and was wondering if it was OK to mount the RO vertically?  I'm trying to grab every inch of space as I have too much gear and not enough space... cheers guys
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