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    Ford Transit Connect 06 T220 H2 L2 WFP 500L GrippaTank

    Selling my very reliable WFP window cleaning van due to needing a two man system and bigger van as my wife and dog come to work with me. For more details and pictures please see my Gumtree...
  2. S

    Vivaro or custom for 800L tank

    Custom or Vivaro for 800L tank?    Aim to upgrade within the next few months to a two man system. My caddy and 400L have served me well but I need room for gutter vac and two man.  Thinking LWB custom or vivaro.. would the 1.6L engine vivaro struggle with all that weight? Also, if I got a...
  3. J

    WFP Van (Pure Freedom /softwash/pressure wash included)

    FOR SALE – Fully equipped WFP van including pressure washer and soft wash equipment.  This is an excellent setup ready to go with all equipment needed to start out, or add to an existing exterior cleaning business.  Equipment:  Fully branded 2010 Vauxhall Vivaro Long wheel base, low...
  4. J

    Pressure & Softwash/WFP & Round Staffordshire

    FOR SALE – Fully equipped and established exterior cleaning business in Staffordshire The business is ready to go with all equipment needed and a guaranteed customer base. Equipment- Fully branded 2010 Vauxhall Vivaro Long wheel base van, 2.0 CDTI Sportive (Black with chrome finishes). Low...
  5. C

    Window Cleaning warehouse won't bother again

    Well I have seen many negative comments about window cleaning warehouse on but have never used them so thought I would get a quote for some packages systems Im looking into. Money I'm looking at would be 5k plus so you would think they may be interested. Well  2 weeks later after chasing them up...
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