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  1. D

    Starting a window cleaning business now during these hard times?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum so hello to everyone. In short is it a good idea to start up now? during these unpredictable times. I was thinking of getting a website up and investing into WFP, as I have done this before. I've been trained, and while I was building up another business, I had a...
  2. Zuli The Window Cleaner

    Cleaning windows on heights out of reach

    Hello guys! I would like to start my own bussiness on cleaning windows on heights and would really appreciate your help on that subject. I would like to see all the solutions that i could use. So I am asking for your help. What are your solutions on cleaning windows on heights out of reach...
  3. J

    Need some advice please!

    I haven't been in the window cleaning trade for too long but I've been asked to quote for two large offices, one of which has around 65 large windows plus many more internal windows. Now I know most people quote based on how long its going to take them e.g £30-50 an hour, this obviously takes...
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