Hi all, new start up and need some advice/help please

Discussion in 'Chit Chat & Introductions' started by barry31, May 4, 2012.

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  1. barry31

    barry31 Guest

    Hey everyone so I'm taking the plunge and going to start my own window cleaning round. I've no customers yet and here is where the advice help comes in. I made a boo boo and put out some leaflets, I got 1 call but at the time I didn't have any equipment! :rolleyes: I arranged a day with him thinking I can just buy a pole to start out but when I got back home with the pole I found out it was too short! Deflated I couldn't face phoning him up and so lost my first potential customer! Doh!

    So anyway I ordered some ladders and I have them now, I think I pretty much have everything I need now, just gotta get a sSwear word!er.

    One problem is (please don't laugh) I don't drive and so will be carrying my ladders (might be getting a friend on board who does drive but his heart isn't in it).

    I've decided tomorrow is the day I make my first doorknock! I'm a bit worried about it and need a little encouragement from you fine chaps/ladies. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    I have done windows before but it was working for someone else some years ago, he had brass balls to be honest and didn't care about knocking for work etc.

    Any way I look forward to hearing from you all and hope I can contribute to this great site, I've been lerking the past week sucking up all the useful tips I can.

    Oh one more thing, I met a old chap a few weeks ago and we got chatting (I'd just moved to the area and asked him for directions). So the other day I saw him and asked if he had a cleaner and told him what I planned to do. He said he does have one but doesn't like him! I said oh, well then I'd be more than happy to take over (was this wrong?). He said he'd speak to his wife and so a couple days later I went to give him my flyer. I spoke to his wife and she said that the guy had not done her windows but she had paid him! She said that she would wait till he comes round next and tell him he's not needed anymore, she also mentioned she knows 2 others that are not happy with their cleaner. I'm just starting out and I don't really want to step on toes and have all the cleaners in the area after me! lol Thoughts?

    Sorry for my epic long post. Thank you if you got this far. :)
  2. me5380

    me5380 Member

    Apr 22, 2012
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    well done for setting up and not driving not many ppl would do this,however it may limit the distance you can go,

    if people are not happy with the cleaner they have just go and drop leaflets and speak to as many people as you can in that area.But don,t slag him off cos you will be working on the same patch plus the customer in question mite just be a funny customer.

    Make sure you have good leaflets though a guy posted a useful link yesterday for some fantastic priced leaflets
  3. barry31

    barry31 Guest

    Yeah I know but the plan was originally to have my friend on board who does drive but he's not really willing to put any money up front, that's how I know his heart isn't in it. So far I've bought everything. I know of other people that do it without a car so I don't think I'm alone.

    I didn't say anything about the other cleaner and I ***uldn't do that. I don't think it's being too fussy to want your windows cleaned when you have paid for it to be honest. But I know what you're saying. I wouldn't undercut or slag them off etc. I want to earn an honest living that's all. But if they are going to say to me they are not happy and want rid I can't exactly say no can I? lol

    Okay I'll check that thread out, thanks for the reply.
  4. GMcleaning

    GMcleaning Guru

    Mar 24, 2012
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    you need a super compact round if your carrying your ladders, so write down all the street names that are in walking distance, knock every single door, keep it simple, "hi im a local window cleaner, iv picked up some new customers in your street and wondered if you would like a price as well while im here?", make a note of every door number you speak to and then everytime your in that street cleaning a house go and knock the ones you havent spoken to yet, this way you will be picking up as many close together customers as possible. and dnt worry too much about the other window cleaners, as long as your not slagging them off or deliberately undercutting them they have no reason to moan, there are plenty of window cleaners that will take their work if the customer isnt happy with it[hr]
    what do you mean, if they tell you to get rid? the other window cleaners? if another window cleaner said that to me id tell him to **** right off! no windy owns the rights to an area/street/house
  5. jambo113

    jambo113 Guest

    youll be fine walking round loads round my area do it and do ok. i'm actually off out to help one of them catch up tomorrow his an old guy and been doing it trad and walking round for years i can remember him cleaning my mums windows when i was a kid, he's even asked if ill bring my hosepipe thingy ( i think he means wfp) to do some awkward ones his gonna get a right shock tommorow when he see's how quick i get em done
  6. barry31

    barry31 Guest

    This is more like it, thanks for the advice fella I'll definitely be doing that. I know I won't be able to go too far but I got long legs and a strong back so I should be okay going a fair distance. I'll be picking up a notebook and jotting them down for sure.

    I wouldn't slag people off or undercut, I'm not like that. I wouldn't want it done to me.

    I meant like what can I do if the customer doesn't want their window cleaner anymore, I can't exactly say no keep them! They're awesome! What's that, they don't do your windows? Well whats wrong with that? lol

    Even though the guy was ripping this old couple (and they are a lovely old couple) off I still kinda felt bad taking his work. But if he's not willing to do it, I am.

    When I was younger I worked with a chap and he used to tell me if he touched his nose it meant miss the window! I could never understand it! For the sake of 5 minutes he lost customers! What a ******!

    Anyway Thanks again. Wish me luck! :rolleyes:[hr]
    Thanks, yeah I knew an old guy that did it and he use to be everywhere! He would leave his ladders at peoples houses sometimes (I'm guessing ones he knew well). Wish I had the dollar for a wfp, bet it's easy peasy with one of those. Do you have a tank that goes with it or something? How do they work if you don't mind me asking? Do you ever have problems with people that complain about paint on the window's etc? Or can you do that too with one of those?

    Thanks again for the encouragement!

    Btw how do you get on knocking on doors? Do you get much abuse?
  7. Paul

    Paul Guest

    Welcome to the forum mate, good luck with your venture, if you have any questions post them up and I'm certain they will get answered for you.
  8. Posh

    Posh Hero

    Jan 8, 2012
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    You will knock and post on people's patch & in time someone will do it to you. I've had it done recently and sure most of us have but never lost any. If yer regular and you do a decent job they will stick with you & won't take a chance going with someone else just to save a few bob. All the best with it. A cart/trailer on the back of a bike may work better for you then walking.
  9. barry31

    barry31 Guest

    Sorry for the delay been busy getting the kids to bed. All tucked up now phew! Thanks for the welcome and sorry if I've breached any T&C posting like I did. [hr]
    Yeah that's true, I'm sure it's unavoidable. Just don't want to make waves when I'm just starting out! lol

    Well to be honest think I went a bit OTT on the ladders, not sure they'll fit on a trailor lol. My plan was to go round with my bucket and bits and if I get a customer tell them I'll just go fetch my ladders, as I'll only be doing local to start with any way. Do you think that would be okay?

  10. Belfastcleaning

    Belfastcleaning Grand Master

    Mar 31, 2012
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    If the old couple don't want him back then that's is his own fault for being a ****, nots urs. I have took over a few houses were the people have not been happy.

    Some people are just in it to make a quick buck, but if you want to stay in business you need to keep your custys happy.

    Welcome to the forum!