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Working near overhead power lines - Exterior cleaners health & safety


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Here is a complete list of learning resources to better educate yourself when working near overhead power lines

There have been multiple recorded cases where window cleaners have made contact with overhead power lines and the outcome of these horrific events could of been mitigated

Below is a one stop shop of learning resources which can prevent another unnecessary tragic accident or death within our trade !


1, https://www.spenergynetworks.co.uk/userfiles/file/GS6_4th_edition.pdf


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They’ll be concerned about any potential risk of legal action for sure! Back covering on advice of lawyers.
Just received this from Spinaclean, only had their carbon fibre poles for about 6 years and it's the 1st time they've warned me, not that I needed warning, but they must be concerned
I think it's a quick desperate attempt to mitigate liability or blame vs common sense. However they made the effort at least
I spotted an Ionoics advert for their new anti spin pole and it says it's insulated to 1000v which isn't a lot but I assume the uninsulated cables that go from pole to peoples houses is 230v so should be OK.
Gardiners list their slx poles as having the bottom section as insulated to 10,000v so safer to use between pole to peoples houses but still not rated for pre transformer and uninsulated overhead cables on poles which I think can be upto 11,000v.
Most of the big players in WFP manufacturing do their best however its only the base pole section that's insulated GRP but accidents happen. If you have a job where you need to lower your pole 90% of us are gripping section two or three to retract it. This is where many of the serious accidents or deaths has stemmed from

Clipping a power line on the way up or down.

We need to remember this basic phrase "all poles can kill you"
Do not rely on a sticker saying saying the bottom section is insulated

All you need is a power line with a breakdown in it's insulation or to hit a live bare conductor in a street.

You may think you are quick with your go tubeless kits and 1000mph power reels but slow down, look around you and look up

We can't afford to have HSE shut down our trade due to carelessness or ignorance
Dear fellow cleaners

My friend Dave - Squeaky clean dave has been granted the opportunity to speak exclusively with the family of Jason Knight

The young window cleaner who was sadly and brutally electrocuted by a high voltage power line.

Please watch both of these videos and learn how to keep yourself alive and and injury free.

Jason has gone from being a healthy window cleaner to now being disabled

Gardiner Pole Systems are in no way responsible for this tragic outcome and the company / Alex have done everything they can to support the family through this awful & life changing time.
There is nothing inferior about the poles you may own & use

I'd appreciate it if everyone could share these videos through your own social media pages to ensure the message gets to everyone.

Many thanks

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