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Your thoughts please Window Cleaners???


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Hi! All.... Did a job today a one off clean - inside an outside clean... Just feel abit deflated because after cleaning the windows (which was most certainly old glass in a very old building) they looked clean and I sSwear word!ed as much of the paint chips (from some usual Painter who does not cover a Window Up..) off as I could etc. But. the windows still seemed alittle poor to me. Do you have this problem with old buildings???... They looked poor in the sense that under the SUN light they seemed scratched to bits. infact. Even my own house windows look scratched under the bright sunlight and its a new build with prob a cheap grade of glass in it like everything else including the boiler lol... Is it me being too clean?... I started last June/July and noticed it then in the late Summer months. the winter never seemed to show all the scratches on houses etc. I also seem to get lots of dust etc land on the glass from my scrim???... Any thoughts to you experienced Windy's on here???... Need to be able to deal with this problem ASAP??????



Old windows are a ***htmare mate...and you can only do what you can do.

To be honest, you've done well to sSwear word!e off the paint- I would charge extra for that as it's not just cleaning the window is it.

Seems like you've done all you can with that job. Is the customer happy? If so, don't worry. If not, then just explain you've done all you can.



I was told once, your being paid to clean the windows not refurbish them!

Sounds like you done a good job, you must have done otherwise you wouldn't see the scratches!

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Ditto windyman!

Some of the old glass can have been in 60, 70, 80 years or more so they are bound to have some wear. As long as you made sure you used your sSwear word!er on wet windows it won't be down to you. Sounds like you did a very conscientious job.

I do a lot of ins n outs, mostly recent (within 10-15 years) build upvc windows and find as you do that they seem to look good when you've done the outside but then when inside is done you think what a mess the outside is, lines, scrim marks etc. The sun really highlights the faults. It's just the nature of the job though, can't do as perfect a job as we'd like to. Ive apologized many times about the less than perfect job ive done for the customer to usually reply 'they're a lot better than i could have done them'. As long as the customer is happy, that's all that matters really.



Old glass will have deteriorated with time. It picks up all sorts of marks and scratches. I've even got a football mark on my 6 year old glass in my kitchen window.



I used to work as a car valeter in the dim and distant past, and hated doing the insides of the windows!. Damn near impossible to clean right!, i would get them cleaned to what looked perfection in the valeting bay, only to find smears all over them (esp the windscreen for some reason) once the car was outside in the sun, or in a brightly lit showroom!.

Sounds like you have done all you can do mate, so dont beat yourself up about it!.



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I wouldn't worry about it, there's nothing else you can do.

I worry the same about jobs, and in the end it all works out.



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Always quote 90 % clean as there will be some inperfetions scratches and dings in new glass and old glass over 40 years old was made in same way. Can't make silk purse out of a pigs ear

as above. and to help with dust, instead of using scrims try microfibres. esp in direct sun they help a lot as don't leave dust on window.

when you wash them just make sure don't wash with scrims or they get dust on them then.

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