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Glass scratch accusation


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My last job today and the lady of the house says "before you start can I show you something" and leads me to one of their (old aluminium framed) patio doors. She then points out a ten inch long scratch and says it must have been my squeegee that did it. I was a bit speechless to start with other than saying I don't remember doing it. The strange old dear didn't seem to be angling for compo and just asked me to be more careful. When I got round to cleaning it again it occurred to me that the scratch was not consistent with the strokes of my squeegee, it was close to the top of the glass, dead centre and just off of vertical in direction. I pointed this out to the husband who said it had probably been there years and it was the first time she noticed it.

I've come to the conclusion that she is one of life's arseholes.

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hmmmm you have just pointed out the worst thing about this job....the ....it must be you factor.....


i came back to warring neighbours today.....a previous row about dented cars....had resurfaced....police around...but...who knows...i am certainly not getting involved....


i have seen two recent examples of ....oh i can get that off the window....well they did....and...i can see the proof....oops sorry vicar....especially the ali. marks all over the cills....and today mid patio window..oh dear...but i would never scrape in that random back and forth pattern...


yep plenty of ar sey holes out there danfire....:rolleyes:

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Guest boarcity

about a year ago i had a customer accuse , 2 long parallel scratches high up on a patio door. she was looking for any sign of weakness in my eyes when she confronted me -and i absolutely know if id said"i dont Think we did it" thatd be enough sign of guilt for her to start a claim on me for new doors

part of me wanted to tell her id seen them ever since i started which was the truth but i know its better just to say "didnt do it" and leave it at that . its hardly the nuremburg trials nontheless if id said what i knew she could have produced a witness who said the scratches werent there 1 yr ago,to discredit my alibi


i struck her off my list the day she accused . i was insulted, nothing more was heard from her

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yep still waiting to find out if i am accused for the two parallel scratches that were clearly off a ladder placed directly on the glass.:eek::eek::eek:at one house.....reckon the decorator...will tell you soon as she is due to phone...

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had one yesterday same thing tiny scratches on two or three windows

the windows are about twenty year old!! the sun was hitting the glass, and the scratches was standing out like sore thumb

she was trying it on

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You summed up my emotion Boarcity, I felt insulted. It's not the first comment this person has made, the previous one was "you are not the cheapest by any means", this particular house has ten windows, two front doors and two patio doors for which I charge £16. I need to set aside some time to canvass and build my round so I can tell her to find someone else to clean her windows.

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Guest boarcity

in this job its very important to keep morale high, especially when you work alone. or you can become meek and the underdog . time to brood and all that .

i find the best way to keep my spirits up is to trawl for new work-and keep trawling constantly by one way or another . trawling doesnt mean spending big money either,it means just a few minutes daily placing free ads online on facebook,gumtree,friday ad etc or dropping just a few fliers.doorknock a tad each day or two .

by doing that you can drop anybody sour off the round immediately ,cos theres a keen newbie stepping in their shoes .


that lady who said "youre not the cheapest by any means " should be dropped a.s.a.p. , if it took you half an hour to clean her windows,use that half an hour to find new work /

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at the end of the day....custys have to be careful as there are only a limited few good windys in most areas...she will be lucky to get anyone cheaper than that these days.....


i did a newey yesterday.....hmmm i get the feeling i wont be doing it that long.:D

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couple year back my mate then cleaning windows trad, new windows too

birds shit on window , anyway could,int get it off so he took end of mop gave it gd rubbing.

well she came shouting and balling there must of been shell in the seagulls mess scratched her new window.Unfortunatly it was her living room.

She wanted glass replaced but she got nowt , bad luck

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