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How to get locals interested in having there windows clean.


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HI i live in Exmouth in West Australia where its hot and very dusty from red Pindang ( a red oxide dust)

the red dust settles everywhere and very quickly replaced with a new coat after cleaning ones windows or anything.

The trouble i found here is people arnt really used of having there windows cleaned ??? yes i don't understand it either. Okay there is another window cleaner/tinter in town but i don't think i encroach on him. The problem is no local newspapers so i advertise on the facebook page for the town.

But after 6 months i don't really have many regulars so i keep on advertising on Facebook and a local web page.

I did start charging a very low low rate but that never increased people to have there windows cleaned, so I'm going away while the temperatures get up to 50deg in the middle of the day.

So when i return id like to or hope to get some inspirations from experts on this forum to help kick start peoples interest or Passions of having clean windows.

sorry im not good at explaing myself but this is Australia

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Hi, I'm not expert for sure, but could you market the cleaning as a way to increase the life of the window units? Any add on services to catch their eye, such as cleaning other exterior areas? Is the dust corrosive? Signage on your van?

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If it's as hot as you say , stand out and offer to clean there windows in your speedos. :rofl::rofl::rofl:



Or maybe a body massage offer with there window cleaning ......:thumbsup: Go for it :thumbsup:

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As posted in your other thread....


How about retail/commercial work as surely they want their business premises kept clean?


As far as I gather Australians have the same mind set as USA residents as most seem not to want their windows cleaned regular. But they do seem happy to pay good money for a yearly in and out deep window clean including bug screens, tracks etc. Do you offer this service?

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Guest boarcity

if theres no local newspaper y not make and distribute your own- im thinking of a 1 sheeter ,that basically promotes your window cleaning , but maybe has 1 or 2 local news stories [each with you somewhere in the story ]


e.g. "new resurfaced road opens", [your van and you with a waving hand are driving along it ]


id subscribe to your paper so uv 1 customer already

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the old fashioned way mate door knock and sell yourself even if you do couple of windows to show how gd you are ...costs nothing totally believe in what your doing the graft will come

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